Monday, March 29, 2010

This or That Tuesday...

I'm a few hours early on this whole Tuesday thing since I'm on the West-Coast but whatevs...

Chelle over at The Winey Mommy is hosting This or That Tuesday again which means we can all play along. Yay!

All you have to do is copy this weeks' question onto your blog, answer it & then click here to link up so other bloggers can view your answer.

Do you prefer to watch movies at home or at the theater?

Definitely a movie theater! I'm big on going out with the hubs for movie date day/night. There's nothing like walking into the theater & having that popcorn smell hit you in the nostrils. Sheer bliss. Anyone who reads my blog for sure knows that I'm like obsessed with movies & enjoy watching them in the comfort of my quiet home but sometimes nothing can beat a ginormous screen, reclining seats, extra buttery popcorn with a side of cheese, a huge Dr. Pepper & surround sound. The only problem that I've ever had with movie theaters is having annoying people talk throughout the movie but the hubs & I have decided to stick to only going to the theater before noon. This way you only get the older couples & people who are really there to 'see' the movie, not talk through it.


  1. Mmmm...wow like you I guess..I love the theater at certain times but also love cozying at home on the couch...OK Im wishy washy ..I cant choose...Love the theater popcorn and the excitement of the big screen though...Oh it also depends on the movie..Like Avatar had to be seen in the theater...

  2. Weird...I didn't even know you liked movies?? ;)

  3. I use to love going to the theater until the ticket prices got ridiculous and I found out what was in the popcorn butter.

    Stopping by via SITS to say hello.
    Have a great day!

  4. Amen to that! We only go to early movies--I love the older, quieter crowd that don't talk throughout the entire movie.

    And popcorn...yum!

    Thanks for linking up honey! xoxo

  5. I prefer home, but recently we started going to a drive-in near us, and that rocks!

  6. I am definitely a home movie watcher! I hate going to the theater! You have to be quite, sit still & can't pause the movie when you have to have a potty break! lol Not to mention the overpriced drinks & snacks! Stopping by from SITS!

  7. When we do go to the theater we avoid the 7pm shows on Friday nights...it is like a magnet for rude, middle schoolers who think they are so grown up being at the movie theater without parental supervision.


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