Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This or That Tuesday...

Chelle over at The Winey Mommy is hosting another week of This or That? Tuesday & I'm joining in on the FuN!

If you want to join us all you have to do is copy the scenario/question and post your answer. Then just hop on over to Chelle's blog & link up so your fellow bloggies can check you out.

This weeks' scenario/question...

Do you buy your makeup at a discount/drugstore or some type of specialty makeup store?

The truth is I haven't bought make up in the last 7 years. I haven't found the need to buy any because my M-I-L is a Mary Kay lady & loves to give me make up every time she sees me. I know, I'm one lucky girl. However, before hitting the make up jackpot I used to buy my make up at Target, Walgreen's, CVS...wherever I was at the time & needed the product, I'd buy it. I've never spent more than $4 on mascara and will never buy a lipstick that cost more than $3...I'm totally cheap that way. Rusty has offered to take me shopping at Sephora & MAC but I'm not willing to spend that much on face paint that I only wear 3x a month, ha ha.


  1. You? Are totally lucky! I am pretty jealous right now...


  2. So lucky!!
    I used to be a makeup snob... I ONLY wore Mac. Only! Well... now that I'm a mom, I just can't see spending $14 on mascara and $26 on blush. Nope... Target is my mecca. Cover Girl is my saving grace. Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. ME! ha!!! Okay... it's early and I am dilerious. I really am laughing at my own joke right now. How lame. ha!

  3. I buy my make-up from Wal-Mart. It is already so expensive there, I can't imagine how expensive it is at specialty stores. I just don't make enough money to spend that much on makeup!!


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