Friday, March 19, 2010

Job To The Left of Me, Unemployment To The Right...

And here I am, stuck in the middle with you. Ok...Rusty totally wrote the tittle for me, excuse the cheesiness, he's cute & that's what counts.

I have so much I want to write about because these last two days have been insane but I'm afraid I'll just ramble & ramble until it makes absolutely no sense, haha. I guess it'll just be easier to use bullet points...
  • I spent yesterday swallowing a little pill with bits of iodine in it & getting my thyroid scanned. Operation kill goiter is a GO. Now I just have to call the doc on Monday to get a dosage for the radioactive iodine procedure, set up an appointment with the hospital to get it done & hopefully I'll be done with this crap within the next week.
  • While I was off getting scans my work decided to boot a couple 28 employees. Turns out my position is one of the ones they cut but since the heads enjoy my company so much they're trying to find a spot for me. I know this sounds like a good thing but I still don't know if I'll be actually be unemployed in the next few weeks or not. From what my boss said, I will for sure have a job until April 15. The heads talked to my boss about offering me a position in Records (total reject central), the only good things about this is that it's still full time & the pay is still around what I make now (although it might be a bit less, which sucks).
  • A couple of days ago my boss completed my yearly review & decided I was going to get a raise. YAY...I love raises! Except that I'll probably only have a few weeks to enjoy it because I'll either be unemployed or I'm going to be taking a pay cut. Lame! Also, I'm a little nervous about switching to the new department if it all works out. Why you ask? Well because the new department is full of women. What's the problem? Well, I don't work well with women. I work well with men. Mostly because men mind their own damn business, I like that. A lot. Rusty says I'm just trying to find stuff to bitch about because I don't want things to change & he's right. I'm totally a creature of habit & for them to trade me like currency is seriously driving me nuts. Oh well...I have to go where the money is cause there's bill to be paid.
  • Rusty had a job interview today! It's actually for the same public agency I work for & the one he used to work for 2 years ago. Why they're hiring when they just finished letting 98 people go is a mystery to me. I don't care what they do as long as I keep a job & he gets this one. He said the interview went really well. He actually knew one of the 2 guys interviewing him from when he used to work for the company & they caught up on things, hopefully this will sweeten the deal. They said they'd let him know in 2-3 weeks. He'll be on pins & needles til then.
  • My cold is finally starting to go away & I'm so glad. I don't think my nose has anymore skin on it I've been blowing it so often. I still have a semi runny nose but it's not bad. I'm just glad I don't have to wear one of those stupid hospital masks when I go into the hospital next week. Those things are not bifocal wearer friendly. I would breathe & my glasses would fog up, it was SO annoying. I had to result to being a total 'mouth breather' while I had it on.
  • And, lastly...I think Jennifer Aniston may have finally picked a movie that suites her. I don't think I'm alone when I say lately she's picked the worst movies to star in. I love her, I do, but she can only do certain types of movies (ie: romantic comedies, her being the supporting actor) because otherwise it's sure to be a flop. Anyway, I came across this trailer & I'm almost positive it's going to make it to the top 5 in the box office. Totally looks like a chick flick/date night movie & I'm going to talk Rusty into taking me to see it when it comes out.

Happy Friday!


  1. Sorry about the job! I've been unemployed for over a year now. My unemployment is due to expire, coincidentally, on Lexi's 1st birthday!

  2. Okay, so much here to cover:
    Please let us know when you're going in to the hospital for test and the results. I hope everything is okay. Also, hope you don't lose your job, but it sounds like you won't. Please keep us updated on that, too.
    Lastly, you know I agree with you entirely about JA. She is wonderful, but made some real stinkers. I LOVE Jason Bateman, think he is hilarious. So this movie does look great. Let's hope it is!
    Lot's of hope in this comment.

  3. Sorry about the job - hopefully it'll all work out for the best and everything will be great :)

    (And I agree on the below movie trailer, it looks so good!)

  4. Some good mixed in with the bad...I hope everything turns out for the best!

    Every time I see Jason Bateman I think about what a total sleaze he was in Juno! He's such a good actor!


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