Monday, March 1, 2010

Have You Met 'Epic Beard Man'?

Rusty has the habit of saving all the strange Internet video's he finds throughout the day for me until I get home & then forces has me watch them. I'm usually not in the mood for anything, much less stupid Internet videos, when I get home after working 10 hours & driving for 1.5 but because I love him I impatiently stand there & watch them with him.

About two weeks ago he had me sit through a video that he swore was historical. All I'm thinking is "great, another dude tricking his drunk girlfriend into eating a spoonful of chili powder when she thinks it's Cinnamon"...fine. Well it wasn't a drunk girl but it was a lesson on how you should never judge a book by it's cover...or an man by his age, ha ha.

Never would I have ever thought a 67 year old man could beat ass like that. You go old man! Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating violence but when someone pushes you into a corner then knock their ass out cause you or them.

After watching the video I thought maybe Epic Beard Man didn't have to resort to violence but you know what, I think it was justified. He tried to walk away, granted he was talking smack, but he tried to move away from the guy & he followed & then hit him. If you're curious as to what started the argument between the two check out the video below. It's an interview with Epic Beard Man (real name Thomas Bruso) & he discusses his side of what happened & what led to the fight.

Epic Beard Man For The WIN! WOOT!


  1. Your in-laws have 7 cats?! Wow. They're dedicated to that literbox! *lol* I get annoyed having to scoop mine once a day or every other, I can't imagine multiple boxes at one time.

    Or in the bed with you - I have a hard enough time with the dog sleeping at my feet (he sleeps on my hip if we're taking a nap, lol), a husband, and then the two cats if they decide to get up there!

  2. WOW!

    Speaking of internet videos... have you watched Tosh.0? OH MY GOSH! We watched this last night and I about died laughing! CJ watches it but I've never paid much attention... I just thought whatever it's another one of his stupid boy shows. Rusty would LOVE it if he doesn't already watch it.

  3. Hoooooly heck! Ok, so I was rooting for the old man, it was was rightful hit.

    I can't believe the other guys friends were saying the guy was awful - and did you hear the guy say that he was going to whoop the old man's butt AFTER he'd already whooped his butt? Seriously?! Take the hit, you got whooped, own it.

    Love this guy.

  4. After having lived in San Francisco for 3 years, I can totally empathize with the other people sitting on the bus thinking "wtf?!" At first I felt bad for the dude who got the SHIZ beat out of him until I re-watched the footage and really saw that he had it coming. I am wondering if Bearded Man takes house calls ;)


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