Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happily Ever After...Not Always

While searching for a photo for yesterdays Emo post (I'm way better today btw) I came across a photo of a barefoot (among other things) Snow White & was like 'What? Snow White would never exit the dwarf cabin without her spiffy little heels on' so of course I just had to click on it & investigate why anyone would damage her rep like that.

And, what I found was a bunch of exquisite, yet sad, photos of our much loved fairy princesses in a not so Happily Ever After ending. The photos were all taken by Dina Goldstein & the series is called Fallen Princesses, which "Places Fairy Tale characters in modern day scenarios. In all of the images the Princess is placed in an environment that articulates her conflict. The '...happily ever after' is replaced with a realistic outcome and addresses current issues."





Little Red Riding Hood

Princess & the Pea


I think she did a great job at capturing the essence of the roller coaster that is life. I actually didnt know this until just recently but did you know most of our fairy tales (fables) have been changed to be all 'happy' like? Rusty was telling me that the Brothers Grimms' versions were always more gruemome (ie: Cinderellas' evil step sister cutting off her toe to make the glass slipper fit *gross*) & sometimes they didnt have happy endings at all.

I think I'm going to have to get myself a copy of all the Bros. Grimm stories & read them. Fairy tales & gore...totally my kind of stories.


  1. You should get a copy! My mom has a really nice copy from her parents and he wasn't kidding...they're NOTHING like their Disney Counterparts!! The Rapunzel one depresses me especially. :(

    PS: Glad you're feeling better today sweets...hugs!

  2. Wow those are amazing! Thanks for pointing them out. Belle made me LOL. And Rapunzel is so sad. :(

    Glad you are doing better today!

  3. I love these! Im going to have to get the Brothers Grimm books too now and read them.

  4. I have a great Brothers Grimm book! I bought it years ago at Barnes & Noble on clearance. I learned about them in my freshman year of collage. I had an english professor who was obsessed with them. So the majority of our writings were based on these fables. You'll enjoy them!

  5. I remember reading the *original* version of Little Mermaid when I was like 11 or 12 and being totally depressed!

    These pictures are so interesting!!

  6. Oh wow.

    Some of those pics are really disturbing.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Stopping by from SITS and wishing you a great day :) Almost weekend, yay :)

  8. How touching are these?? OMG, I just want to see more!

  9. WOW those are really interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love those pictures. Wow.

    Oh-we had the Brothers' Grimms book of fairytales growing up. I haven't thought about that book in years...it was one of our faves, though!



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