Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Be One With The Sea

I just read that Captain Phil Harris has passed away & I'm quiet saddened by this news. Rusty & I have been watching Deadliest Catch for a couple of years now & he's always been our favorite of the Captains.

Captain Harris passed away at the young age of 53 after having a massive stroke on Jan 29. I had read about him having the stroke, having surgery to stop the swelling in his brain & then read an update his two sons (Josh & Jake) put up on their website saying that he was stable & doing well & thought 'Oh, he'll be back on his boat in no time'. Well this is just another example of how we're living on borrowed time, as my mom likes to say.

You will be missed Capt. Phil Harris.

Phil Harris started working on fishing boats at age 7 and started work 10 years later on a crab boat. When he turned 21, he ran a fishing vessel out of Seattle, making him one of the youngest to captain a vessel in the Bering Sea. He was the Captain of the Cornelia Marie & has two sons, Josh & Jake.

My favorite quote:

"You're not a man 'til you've pulled a tooth out with a pair of pliers."


  1. I'm heartbroken that he's passed away. So young and just so full of life. Such a tragedy...

  2. Oh no! :(

    I didn't know this. Thanks for posting. He will be missed.

  3. This breaks my heart - I loved Phil. He went through so much to get back to the boat, I can't imagine what his boys are going through.

    (And I loved that quote too! *lol)li


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