Thursday, February 25, 2010

French Fries: Healthy? No. Delicous? Definitely.

I love french fries! As a matter of fact, I don't think I know anyone who isn't a fan of these deep fried salty devils. However, as wonderful of a party as they throw in your mouth, they're not good for you.

They have tons of calories, sodium & fat. None of this stops me from eating them at least once a week but still...they're not healthy.

I was reading the news this morning when I came across an article naming Fast food's most unhealthy french fries & being the curious girl that I decided to take a gander.

The article & study was conducted by Men's Health & they state that Americans are eating (on average) 1,100 calorie meals (meaning meals with sides) each, which is over 1/2 a days allotment. This is insane when you see it in writing...I cant believe that my Carl's Jr #1 combo could add up to the calories I could have eaten in 3 meals/snacks. Totally eye opening.

The authors of Eat This, Not That! & Cook This, Not That! (great books to have on hand btw) have rounded up some of the worst orders of fries available at chain restaurants across the U.S. for us:

Worst Curly Fries: Arby’s Curly Fries
(Large)640 calories; 34 g fat (5 g saturated, 0 g trans); 1,460 mg sodium

Worst Wedge Fries: Jack in the Box Bacon Cheddar Wedges
715 calories; 45 g fat (13 g saturated, 1 g trans); 905 mg sodium

Worst Fries for Your Blood Pressure: Dairy Queen Chili Cheese Fries
1,240 calories; 71 g fat (28 g saturated, 0.5 g trans); 2,550 milligrams sodium

Worst Regular Order of Fries: Five Guys Fries
(large)1,464 calories; 71 g fat (14 g saturated); 213 mg sodium

Worst Fries in America: Chili’s Texas Cheese Fries w/Jalapeno Ranch
1,920 calories; 147 g fat (63 g saturated); 3,580 mg sodium

Seeing chili cheese fries listed on there hurts my heart & not in the 'I'm having a heart attack' kind of way (I love you chili cheese fries!). But fear not my fellow fry lovers...there is some semi-good news in all this fry trash talk. The article also lists a place that carries Fries that are semi-ok to eat if you just have to have your fry fix.

Best Fast Food Fries in America: McDonald’s Small French Fries
230 calories; 11 g fat (1.5 g saturated); 160 mg sodium
*Out of the big three fast food joints (Mickey D’s, Wendy’s, and BK), you’ll find the least caloric, least salty fries underneath the golden arches. The key to ordering a smart side dish is portion sizing—and McDonald’s has that under control.*

Yes siree bob, the golden arch (not to be confused with a golden shower *eww*) has the best fries you can eat. Hard to believe isn't it? I was surprised. I don't know if it's just the McyD's around my house but they always seem to over salt them. This is something totally not cool when you hyperthyroidism & are supposed to limit your salt intake. Eating a small fry there is like eating a month worth of salt. No joke.

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  1. I am CRACKING up at the golden arches not golden showers! bwahhahahaa!!!!

    I think it might just be your McD's... ours has the art of french fries down PERFECTLY!

    I think we're long lost sisters. Seriously. I heart you and your french fry eating, coldstone inhaling, disneyland going ways

  2. Bah my dad posted that Eat This, Not That article (he posts them allll the time) and it just depressed me so I quit reading it lol!

  3. I remember watching "Super Size Me," that documentary by that guy who ate nothing by McDonald's for a month, and he put McD's french fries and french fries from other places in this like storage thing, and after a few weeks, the other french fries had all gotten moldy and gross, but the McD's fries looked exactly the same... it was weird...no idea why! I still eat them though!

  4. I read this. I was curious b/c I'm sure In N Out wasn't on this as it is regional. Normal In N Out fries are:
    Size 125 g
    Calories 400
    Total Fat 18 g
    Saturated 5 g

    My husband LOVES the animal style fries. They are:
    Calories 660
    Total Fat 42 g
    Saturated 17 g

    The McD's fries are 71g. So, the comparison per gram between In N Out and McD is interesting. In N Out fries are less calories per gram at 3.20 (McD 3.23), less fat per gram .144 (McD .155), but MORE Sat fat per gram .04 (McD .02). Supposedly, In N Out fries have only 2 grams of fiber per 125g serving, but McD's has 3g in the 71g serving. Sounds fishy to me because In N Out fries are made from fresh and would have more fiber integrity b/c they have not been frozen and also tend to include more skin.

  5. Wow McDonald'sis on a GOOD list. I am so excite for them. I am not a big McDonalds fan actually. But while I was preggo i lived on their fries, only thing I could hold down. Guess I was eating healthy! LOL

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  6. What' weird is that when I was pregnant with Madelyn? I couldn't eat fries. I hated them. Wth?!

    And we love Five Guys...thank God we don't eat there regularly and we share a thing of fries!


  7. wow i'm totally surprised that mcdonald's french fries have less calories than in n outs. in n outs are all organic and gluten free and AMAZING!!! nom nom nom


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