Thursday, February 4, 2010

Foundations, Jobs & Money...Who Needs 'Em?

I like having a foundation. I'm a planner. I make lists.

Due to possible unemployment I feel like my foundation has been broken. Rusty & I were discussing this earlier & his thoughts are that I just need a new 'foundation'. Money is not a foundation to him, I am his foundation he says, and I feel so materialistic knowing that money & having a job is my foundation. I like having money to buy all the nice things I have & I love taking pointless mini vacations. Aw...good times.

Well here's the dilio on the job thing; the head honchos have decided that 36 employees will be laid off/eliminated, 2 of those employees will be from my job class. It seems that the 2 people will be chosen not by how excellent they do their job but on how long they've worked there (seniority). I think this is bullsh*t. I do my job well & go way beyond what they expect from me & it's not fair to be let go because some old hag who does nothing has been there for centuries.

I found out all this info last Thursday & spent the entire weekend sulking & crying because even though I've worked there for 7 years, they're only counting 2 of them because 5 of those 7 were part time (which don't count). Based on this I think I'm #2 on the chopping block (unless 2 old hags decide to retire in the next 3 weeks). It sucks but I'm over the crying, not so much the sulking, & I've already applied to 5 under payed jobs. Better safe than sorry, right? I'll know for sure if I'm getting canned by early March...I swear they love to see me on pins & needles.

Now for some good news...
  1. Rusty turned in a job application to be a type of loan officer on Monday & they called him today to say that they need him to go in so they can run his credit to make sure there aren't any accounts in collection (luckily there are none on his). Once they see that there aren't any they'll set up an interview & hopefully they'll then see how fab he is & give him the job. If we're lucky, a full time job. The shitty thing about losing my job is not only losing my pay (which sucks BIG time) but also the fact that I'll be losing our insurance benefits. I have no idea how much it is to see my thyroid doctor every 3 months, get 3 meds a month, & have a blood test done every month when I don't have insurance but I can only imagine I cant afford it.
  2. We received our income taxes yesterday & so far I've only used $20 of it. I hate that I cant spend any of it. I want so badly to go shopping...Charlotte Russe is having a sale, but I know I cant because we need to save every penny right now. The only thing we'll be touching this $ for is to pay off a loan we have & the interest is insane. It just makes sense to pay it off right now.
  3. I have a marvelous review & giveaway coming this weekend! It's something I've been waiting to get for the past week. I literally checked the mail box every day (I usually check for mail 2x a week). However, when I went to open the living room blinds this afternoon I noticed that instead of the UPS guy leaving it in our mail box or on my door step like normal, he decided to leave the small package perched on one of my porch's pillars. This thing must have been there for days, I swear he partially hid it on purpose. Oh well...it's here & I'm pretty excited about it because I love free stuff!
I hope you all have an excellent weekend & if you find yourself with some free time & nothing to do I highly suggest you go rent Zombieland. Rusty & I just watched this a few hours ago & I loved it!


  1. that seniority thing sucks. I think you're wise to go ahead with your job search.

    I hope Rusty gets this new job - maybe that will help out in these unsure times.

  2. Zombieland is #1 on my Netflix queue... with a very long wait. So I hope to get to see it soon. :)

    I'm sorry about your employment issues -- everyone is going through a rough spot. Keep your head up and your eyes peeled for new opportunities.

  3. This is a rough time for you guys. Lay offs on the basis of seniority are the absolute worst things. Maybe by then they'll have changed their mind, but for now you can expect it and prepare for it. I'm sorry sweets. :( I'm crossing my fingers for both you & Rusty!

    The UPS guy did hide it--from THIEVES! Haha! I'm glad you found it, though!! (He was probably a sub guy. We live in apts and once a UPS guy came who wasn't our regular and he put it under the flowerpots I use to grow herbs in the summer lol. Probably would've been safer in the office!)

  4. Sorry to hear about the job. I hope you aren't #2!

    Looking forward to the giveaway!

  5. Aww sweetie I'm so sorry! I can only imagine how awful this feels for you! I'm really hoping they dont let you go!

    I'm really hoping one of my employees quit... I'd totally hire you! Well, do you know how to do collections and insurance verifications!? ha!!

    Lots of hugs and well wishes to you!

    My fingers are crossed for Rusty!

  6. Hang in there. Keep up the positive attitude and you can survive the lean times. At least that's what I tell myself. Ah ha ha


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