Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Disappointment: LOST

I didn't want to do this but I feel that I must.

I want to express my serious dissatisfaction (yep, I said it) with the direction LOST is heading. I've been a HUGE fan of this show since it's 2nd season & was both so freaking excited & sad when this season started because it's going to be the last. However, the last couple of new episodes have been shit. There. I. Said. It.

I still love you Sawyer & Jack!

Last nights episode for instance...what the eff was up with Claire & that dirty homeless look? Oh, don't know what I'm talking about. Well, let me show you...

I understand that she's supposed to be all nutty & stuck on an island & stuff but come on girl, trot on down to a stream & wash up! You don't see Kate & Sun walking around smelling like a garbage can do you? *gross* Anyhoo...another thing that truly irks me is that fact that there are so many commercials during the show. I DVR'd the whole (1 hour) show last night & once I actually played it it was only about 32 minutes long. I was totally gypped. The least they could do is show more of Sawyer without his shirt on if they're going to insist on cutting the episodes short...I'm just saying.

The only thing that keeps me watching this show is determination. I watched it from the semi beginning & I'm determined to finish it. I've got the same thing going on with Desperate Housewives. I like the show & the actresses but they're seriously grasping at idea straws now. A lesbo-stripper in Wisteria Lane, really guys?


Moving on...seems like my LOST lovah, Matthew Fox (Jack), has been dipping his pen in a strippers' pencil holder. For the record: I'm completely in denial & think it's a big fat lie but this is the gossip that's going around town. So the scoop is that he went into an Oregon strip club sometime in July 2009 & made eye contact with Stefani Talbott while she was grinding on her pole which led to them eventually hooking up later that night (but not until after he paid for 4 private dances, each worth 20-big ones each& she got a babysitter for her 5 year old son). Ha ha, I cant believe they even printed that in the article, who cares how much each dance costs, however I am glad to hear that she was responsible & got someone to watch her child while she went out to a booty call.

Matthew Fox & Stefani Talbott (source)

This story first surfaced in the National Enquirer & then I guess she sold it to In Touch so who knows if this is true or not. Matthew's publicist has denied the allegations but so did Tiger Woods' & we all know how that turned out.

Boy oh boy, I hope this story isn't true cause Mathews' wife looks like a serious ball buster. Good luck guy!

(Note: I would just like to say that this post is not meant to offend any strippers or ex-strippers. One of my old friends used be a dancer so I understand that it's just a job. However, I am making fun of that stupid girl Stefani (with an "I") because what kind of a woman sells her story & destroys a marriage? And, yes I'm just a tad bit jealous that I can't shake my groove thing like you girls can.)


  1. I am totally skipping the LOST part since we don't watch the show, but W.T.F. How does that smokin' hot dude end up with HER? Either of them for that matter!!!! And I love that you put in celeb gossip...makes everything so juicy hahaha!

  2. Don't believe it until you see it in US Weekly. If it is in there...then it is probably true.

  3. ahh.. im terribly sorry, but I dont watch Lost. But my parents do and they have said pretty much what you have about the last couple of empisodes in this last season.

    Hope you have a good day!


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