Monday, February 15, 2010

Cabin Fever = Lots Of Spending

I suck at staying home & trying not to spend money. Considering today was a holiday I've had 4 days off of work & I'm dying. I need stuff to do that doesn't include doing laundry, cleaning or watching anymore TV.

I was good on Friday. I spent most of my day in O.C. because I had a doctors appointment for my thyroid. Things turned out well I guess. I let my doc know that I might be laid off which will include losing my medical insurance so he advised me that the best thing to do before that happens is to try shrinking my thyroid by Radioactive Iodine Treatment. I was initially ok with this but I recently, like 2 minutes ago, read that I'll be a walking radioactive bio-hazard. We're talking cant share utensils, cant kiss, cant sleep in the same bed as Rusty, have to flush the toilet 3-4x after using it, have to stay away from women who are prego & babies. WTF? All that comes to mind is the movie Monsters vs Aliens, lol. We'll see how all this goes *fingers crossed* & hopefully I wont come out glowing.

Saturday Rusty & I were supposed to go out & finally watch Avatar but didn't make it so we ended up walking around Lake Perris. It was fun but this trip kicked my butt. I'm so out of shape, it's sad. On Sunday w
e decided it would be fun to take a trip to our local outdoor Swap Meet. What I didn't count on was the weather. OMG, it was HOT! I don't usually get burned, you know cause I'm mesican & all, but a mixture of no clouds & black asphalt did it. I went with hopes that I'd find a vendor selling Converse at cheap price but no luck. I couldn't believe they wanted $31 for them. I love 'em but I could get them for $29 at a local store. I don't know, maybe I'm just cheap. Whatev...

And today...well I tried to just stay home & not spend any $. I tried. But I couldn't do it. We ended up venturing out to Blockbuster & rented Couples Retreat (which we have yet to watch) & buying Subway. I have an idea of how much I've spent these past 4 days but I'm scared to actually telly it up. I think I'll keep that a secret from myself for my own good. God knows I'll probably break down & cry.

Now I'm sitting in bed eating my Girl Scout cookies & watching Pawn Stars. I'm not usually a fan of this show but it's a entertaining when there's nothing else on. I'm looking forward to going to work tomorrow. I'm planning on approach
ing a supervisor from another department about a position that hasn't been filled there since last year & maybe they'll be able to just transfer me instead of laying me off. I'm praying that no one else has expressed interest in the position & they'll be able to just move me right in. It's not the same pay, a little lower, but it's still full time & that means I get to keep my medical...woohoo. I'll find out tomorrow & update.

Considering my birthday's in 2 days (wow), I'm going to be hosting 2 giveaways, YAY!

I'll be posting the first one tomorrow & the second one on Wednesday. I hope you guys love giveaways as much as I do!


  1. I can't believe it's almost your birthday!!! So exciting! I also can't believe you get converse for $29! WTF Oklahoma?! Mine cost $50!!

    My aunt had to go through that same treatment when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, but she was sequestered for 14 days!!! I can't imagine how hard it was to be totally by yourself (not even with her puppy!) for that long. :( So I totally understand what you're gonna go through. But if it's for the best, I guess you can't not do it... :( Just rent lots of movies and get some books to keep you company!!

    I'll cross my fingers that you are able to transfer!!!!

  2. It is so hard not to spend, isn't it? But at least renting movies is much cheaper than going to the theater.

  3. I think it's best to get the treatment done now rather than later! Big hugs to you for being so brave! I'd be crying and breaking down like it's no ones business!

    I'm laughing you are Mesican and burned! I'm the WHITEST mesican EVAH! I'm half... and apparently the half of me that is mesican is my dark hair and big bootay. Oh and my ability to make killer salsa, rice and enchiladas.

  4. PS- I hope you dont get laid off at all, but if you are on the list then I hope you can transfer! Even if it's a slight paycut it's much better than no money coming in at all! I'm sorry you're having to deal with this at all though!

  5. I just turned 27, also, and must say it's been a weirdo of a year with similar transitions to yours. It will get better (at least that's what "they" tell me).

    Also, I am OBSESSED with Pawn Stars. I was actually going to be in Vegas this week and was going to go out of my way to visit the shop. It's quality entertainment, and you learn something in the process, too!! :)

  6. I LOVE Girl Scout cookies and I LOVE Pawn Stars.

    So sorry to hear about your health problems. Stressful. Feel better.


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