Friday, February 26, 2010

B-Day Giveaway #1 WINNER & Random 411

Alright, let's get this shindig started cause I know you all are dying to find out who the winner of the Pink/Purple Earrings is.

So...the WINNER is
*drum roll*

Comment #17 was left by

Who's comment was: "Plans for this summer consist of being amazing and going to the Gulf of Mexico as a family vacation!"

Congratulations girly! Thank you everyone who participated in this giveaway, you all rock my socks off!

*winner has 48 to claim the item or a new winner will be chosen*


Now for my random nonsense. Today was a fun-tastic day. I woke up semi early, watched some cartoons (yep, I still do that), twittered for a while, & then went out to watch The Crazies early this morning with Rusty.

That alone was the highlight of my day. I cannot express how freakin' awesome this movie is. I went in with really high expectations & they were all met. If you're into movies like 28 Days Later you'll love this one.

Rusty & I needed something for dinner so we decided to try a new market & made our way to Sprouts Market. It's actually not much different than all the other Farmer Markets, just as expensive too. Not to sound like a cheap-o but why must almost everything in those stores be 25-50% more expensive than at other markets? I know you probably get better products & they only have the best produce but I'm on a budget. I bought a couple of things (like 5) & when the girl rang me up it added up to about $40. I was about to tell her to keep the bananas, salads & 2 lbs of chicken...whew. The thing that I do love about those types of stores is there's almost never any waiting in line & it's always clean...sometimes that alone is worth the price I guess.

I'm a little bummed that Rusty & I don't have any plans this weekend but I think I might suggest taking a stroll to Barnes & Noble to pick up
Dearly Devoted Dexter. I finished the first Dexter book, Darkly Dreaming Dexter, last week & was on a total great book high after reading it. I'm sure most of you know but I'm a HUGE Dexter fan. I looove the show & if you're a fan too I highly recommend you read the books. However, don't begin reading them with the presumption that they'll be just like the show, because they're not. I'm not going to say they're so far better or worse but they're good. Really good. Alright...enough rambling for tonight.

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Dont forget to stop by tomorrow for Giveaway #2's winner & Vintage Celebrity Saturday.


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