Saturday, January 30, 2010

Vintage Celebrity Saturday

I'm sure most of you know how much I love my celebrity news gossip but what I haven't ever mentioned is my obsession of Wiki-ing celebrity names & reading their bio's. It's a curse & I love it!

Anyhoo...I've decided to start Vintage Celebrity Saturday which will consist of an old photo of a celebrity from their younger years. This whole bright idea came to me when I was Wiki-ing some celebs & saw some pretty hot pictures of somewhat aged celebs & thought 'wow, I should totally post these pics'. So here we are.

To start off this grand event I give you this handsome young thing:

Know who this hunk is? I seriously wouldn't have known if I hadn't read it.

Take a good look cause that's Mr. Christopher Walken. Yep yep, that's him. He was born on March 31, 1943 in Queens, NY, has been married to
Georgianne Walken since 1969 and is known as "Ronnie" to his wife & two brothers.

Christopher Walken was quoted as saying "My hair was famous before I was". I think that's hilarious cause he has some crazy ass hair now a days.

Crazy hair & all...he was a serious hottie.


  1. SERIOUSLY. I'm totally jacking this today so I can show off a photo I have. You won't believe the hottie I dug up!!! I've just been saving this photo wondering when I can drop the bomb haha!

    xoxox to Christopher Walken's young hottiness!!!

  2. I love doing this too. It interesting to see how people go to the place they are now.
    I can hardly believe that CW. He seems like he's always been the age he is now I do remember his little part in Annie Hall when he was younger--so funny!

  3. I see it now that you told me but I never would have known otherwise! How fun to do this.

  4. woah. weird. I feel like I am looking a child porn in seeing this == something about it isn't right!

    and here i thought Zac Effron came up with that haircut!

  5. Awesome new theme day!

    Holy cow! I never would have guessed that was Christopher Walken.


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