Wednesday, January 20, 2010


You know what the secret to feeling energized is? It's going to bed at 7:30pm. I know, I sound like an old lady but I was so freakin tired yesterday that I passed out at 7:30 last night & I feel great today. I'm not stressed, tired, or sleepy...just a little hungry.

After getting home yesterday I laid down for a while because I had this massive forehead headache going on & then Rusty had the gall to inform me that he was hungry. What do you mean your hungry? You mean you cant get a full stomach on just breathing? So we went out to the luxurious Mcy-D's. I know, I'm the best wife...only the best for my hubs ;)

Needless to say as soon as we got home he started watching his geek shows so I took advantage & went to bed. I woke up this morning at 5am & I felt great! Seriously, I never thought I'd say that about waking up at 5am but it's true. I think I'm gonna start attempting to go to bed earlier because it sucks being tired all day & then having to sit through an hour of traffic before you finally get home. Blah.

I'm supposed to get my car back from the auto repair shop today. I'm really excited because I'm tired of driving around a rental. I got a call yesterday saying that they'd just finished up painting my bumper & adding the trim but my biggest fear is that they painted it a totally different grey than the one on my car. I'm seriously just a massive worry wart. Rusty's always telling me that if I dont have something to worry about I'll make something up...he's nuts, I so dont do that, pfftt.

No word on the job thing yet, it's still up in the air but without sounding like a total biatch I really hope they decide to can all the old ladies here. There was this lady that I used to work with here & she was a total pain. I think she's been around for like 27 years or something, I'm sure she'd be cool with an early retirement. Me on the other hand...well I still have a lot hard workin' to do, I'm young.

Oh, I'm not supposed to tell anyone but I don't think you internet buddies count so I can tell you...Rusty's sister (my S-I-L) is pregnant. YAY? Um...well not so much. She & her hubs aren't in the most of ideal situations right now & they already have two (beautiful) daughters that they can barely support. She has yet to 'announce' this prego news because she has had miscarriages in the past so she doesn't want to get ahead of herself. Either way, I'm happy for her & I wish her & her lil fetus the best. It would be nice to have another little person to spoil. I have to admit that when Rusty told me the news yesterday I did turn a little hint of green, just a tad. But, lets just keep this between us, ok?

Moving on...I just noticed that I haven't had a Favorite Movie Tuesday in like 2 weeks. What the eff is going on? My brain has been everywhere but in the right place, for reals. I even had this kick ass post about the Best & Worst Dressed at the Golden Globes, with pictures & everything but now it just seems like old news & well really...who hell cares. Most of those darn dresses were horrid btw. Horrid I tell you!

Happy Wednesday bloggies...it's all downhill from here.

One last thing before I end this pointless post...how many of you actually believe this crap? No nips, no tucks, no lipo? I've never had kids before but I do have stretch marks & I know those damn things don't just disappear so I'm calling bullshit.

Click here to see a photo of her when she was pregnant (beware, it's not pretty).


  1. That is truly BS!!! There is no way she's has that hot bod!!

    Hang in there YOUR time In the Pregger's Barrel will come.

  2. I totally call bullshit! I saw her tummy pictures when she was HUGE and about ready to explode. Stretch marks like that don't magically disappear. besides we all know she isn't a plastic surgery newbie, look at her face!

  3. Umm... so, I had ONE very large baby, which left me with quite a few stretch marks (thanks, mom! They are genetic)!! I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of them (as has my mother). There is only one thing to get rid of them completely and that is a tummy tuck! So, when she says that there was no nips, tucks, blah, blah, blah, you are right in that she is a COMPLETE LIAR!

  4. Her secret is to let other people watch her children on our taxpaying dollars while she hangs out at Starbucks and then the gym. Ugh.

  5. There's no way that Octo-Mom pic is real. NO friggin' way!

    Those pregnant pics of her were gross, btw. :o(

  6. I agree that Octo-pic is either mega-airbrushed or she's had some surgery. Those preggo pics were really gross. Eww. They should totally show that to teens in sex-ed. Those girls would clamp their legs closed for good! lol

  7. I call bullshit! She totally had a nip and a tuck... and not just a little bit nipped/tucked! I had one small baby... I am FULL of stretch marks. And no matter how hard I work to get my belly flat... I have a pouch!

    Are you and Rusty trying for a baby? It took the hubs and I awhile to get to the point where we were ready for a kid and then it took us a little while to actually get pregnant... it took me 7 months. *hugs*

  8. No way! She had nips tucks and laser!!


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