Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This Is What's Going On...

This sucks. I have a bunch to write about & lack the drive to actually write about any of it. So I've decided to post a bit of what's been going on lately. Exciting, I know...
  • I pulled my back out on Saturday & it hurts like hell right now. It actually hurts so bad that I stayed home today because of it & Rusty has been nice enough to massage my back every few minutes. He's a great hubs.
  • I took my car to the auto repair shop yesterday to get evaluated by the insurance company & hopefully fixed up within the next week.
  • I'm currently having to drive a 2010 Chevy Malibu that is being paid by my insurance company while my car is in the shop. A 2010 Malibu...not too shabby ;)
  • I've been up since 5am (since I was supposed to go to work) & cant seem to fall back asleep. All I ever want to do when I'm at work is sleep but now that I can, I cant. Lame.
  • My parents want Rusty & I to go with them to Las Vegas this weekend. Rusty doesn't really want to go but I think we might.
  • One of my finger nails broke last night. I was closing the Malibu's trunk & my hand slipped. For the first time in like ever my nails were long & all the same length. It would happen.
  • Dexter (the tortoise) is growing & eating a ton of food lately. We're buying him a bag of salad mix every other day. The thing is he's only about 3 inches long right now, I don't want to know how much he'll eat in about 6 months. He's a total fatty.
  • I've been obsessed with the movie RocknRolla lately. I recorded it to our DVR a couple of days ago & it's been on ever since. I've grown quit fond of Archie (Mark Strong). I love his accent & his famous 'Archie slap'.
  • I've come to the conclusion that Desperate Housewives is not at all entertaining anymore. However, I will still watch it because I've seen every episode since it began & I'm determined to see through. Even if it is a train wreck.
  • I finally made an appointment with the Dentist. I. Hate. Dentists. I'm scared but its been years since I've seen one so I'm sucking it up & going because this cavity is stopping me from eating chocolate killing me.
  • I just found out that the Showtime series, Dexter, is based on a couple of books. I love reading books that shows or movies are based on so I'm heading to the nearest B&N on payday. I hope they're good.
  • Rusty keeps making little tootsie roll poop piles & its grossing me out. For some reason it makes him laugh & he smells the damn thing before he eats it. He's so freaking weird sometimes.
  • I've totally been procrastinating on doing a review & giveaway that I've had since before Christmas & I'm determined to write that review by tonight.
  • Now I'm off to watch one of the greatest movies ever with Rusty. We're about to watch The Hangover...I love this movie!


  1. I hope your back gets better soon. I need to make a dentist appt. too, I have been busy doing everything but that. haha.

    Have a wonderful evening!

  2. Yikes! Hope your back is better before you go to Vegas! My stepmom has an 09 or 08 Malibu and I love it! They're so comfortable!

  3. Sorry about your back sweets!! Ughhh the dentist!?!??!! ICK!!! I finally caved and made an appointment (which was monday) because I was DYING. I'm all better now. I choked up and told the dentist that I was on the verge of a panic attack. He was extra nice, extra numbing, extra quick and I was extremely grateful!


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