Wednesday, January 13, 2010

She Needs A Therapist Not A Plastic Surgeon

I've never been a fan of The Hills nor have I ever watched an episode but I'd have to be from Mars to not know who this "I'll do anything for attention" twit is.

Well, it seems like she's at the attention seeking again because she's on the cover of People magazine. Heidi Montag is no longer the same girl she was when she first stared in that little show The Hills. She's been to her local barbie doctor & had them chizzle some of her chin off, inject some fat into her lips & cheeks, suck some tissue (because she has no freakin fat on her body) out of her neck-waist-hips-inner thighs-&-outer thighs, & also had them give her more of a JLo ass & insert DDD jelly bags into her boobies...yep I said DDD.

I don't know how this twig is gonna stand upright with those in, she's sure to topple over. Anyhow...this is what she looks like now:

10 procedures in 1 day...that is INSANE.

It's actually quiet sad that she has just about everything but self esteem. She actually wasn't that bad looking either, there are far worse looking actresses/singers out there. It's such a shame that women now a days have this idea of what they're supposed to look like & it's so easy to become that girl by paying cash instead of doing the work & learning to love yourself for who you are.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for plastic surgery. Hell I'll probably be sitting at the plastic surgeons office after I have a couple of kids because I don't want to trip over my boobage & belly anymore but this is excessive. She doesn't even look like herself anymore. Actually, she doesn't even look like she's 24 either...I'd have to say she looks more along the lines of 30.

I'm totally blaming that creepy children of the corn husband of hers for this. Truthfully I think she may just smarten up now & realize that she & her DDD's are too hot for him & quite his ass.


  1. I agree. Pretty sad. She is going to be a mess as she ages. I think plastic surgery can be used as a tool to help women look their best. But there's a difference between preservation and desperation.

  2. They're both disgusting. She looks like a mutant after all that surgery!!! I couldn't believe it. We should definitely be facebook friends because I posted the link to the people cover all OVER the place today haha!

  3. Ughhh! I couldn't agree more. It's just awful! She looks TOTALLY different. And not different in a good way. I can't stand that little troll Spencer either. Ughhh

    So I think as soon as we get our tax returns we'll be getting Disneyland passes!!! YAY!!! Maybe one day we'll bump into each other! I'll just look for the girl with the big black dot ;)

    Oh and my email address is mrsstillwell(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. I think that is just so sad that she feels the need to change anything. She's a beautiful girl. It's just warped.

  5. Oh wow... I agree, she doesn't look anything like her old self. Her plastic surgeon is a moron, if she's getting 10 things done in one day, you'd hope he'd put his foot down and say no. I bet she'll be back in there before this year is out to do something else.

  6. She'll end up looking like Michael Jackson in a few more years. Gross.

  7. Ahahah! Children of the corn husband - yes!!

  8. This is HILARIOUS!!!! I was wondering what others thoughts, and woman you read my mind!!!

    Great post!


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