Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pay No Attention To The Black Dots...

Ok. I finally got around to getting the memory card out of my camera...gosh that was hard work. I had to walk across the room & look for it, then pull it out. I did this for you bloggies. Yep, just for you.

So here are some of the photos I took between dancing. Like I said before...just ignore the black circles, I mean it's not like they're that noticeable or anything.

(This was my horrid dress. It's a bit wrinkled cause I had just worn it.)

(This is me wearing it. Not too bad. I guess. And, did you notice my bump-it? Yeah, that's all my hair & a TON of hairspray. My head still hurts thinking about it.)

(Rusty & I with our god-daughter outside of the church. Those damn shoes were torture, yet so cute.)

(Joe & Bonnie dancing their 1st dance as husband & wife)

(Joe going down under for the garter. The look on her mothers' face was PRICELESS.)

(Bouquet toss. The only thing that sucks about being married is I couldn't join in. I was totally ready to beat someone down for flowers too.)

(Bonnie dancing with my god-son at the end of the night. The tail of her dress was pinned for the party but it was long & beautiful.)

Eventually I'll get rid of the black dots on our faces but right now I sorta feel more comfortable with them there. See, I work for a public agency & I've read other blogs where people who are in the same boat as I am have had to get ride of their blog because their employers believed it might effect the work place. It's lame & I don't agree.

This blog is a place for me to say whatever I want & not feel judged by it & the way I perform at work is not effected at all because of it. I also have to keep the dots on Bonnie & Joe because they also work for pub
lic agencies & I would hate to mess up the great thing they have going on at work.

Besides all this blah blah blah black dot crap talk, I had a freakin blast at the wedding. I feel like I bonded a little more with Bonnie that day & I really hope our relationship won't be as rocky from now on. Oh, I got a call from Joe today. He called to let us know that they got to Cancun alright & they're having SO much fun hanging out, drinking & smoking cigars on the beach. Yeah, thanks bro...that's exactly what I want to hear as I'm getting out of dented car & heading back up to work. Ugh...I'm telling you, totally inconsiderate.

But I'm totally glad they're having fun ;)


  1. Your dress wasn't *that* bad!! I think that considering what you guys went through with them, it turned out well! And Bonnie's dress was completely beautiful! It looks like a blast & I hope you guys will get along better now that the stress of a wedding is out of the way. That really takes a toll on a person!

    It's your blog, your privacy & you can keep whatever dots on your face that you want!!! :)

  2. The dress looks much better on than on the hanger! Looks like you had a blast! But you really should see a doc about the black dots. It could be somehting serious? LOLOL... okay it's 8am and I'm dileriously tired, so my humor might be a little off. ha!

  3. The brides dress is so pretty, is that a black sash? I like it!

    Your dress was not bad at all, misleading in the first pic (on the hanger) but definitely classy on you!

    Weddings are so much fun to attend - we have cousins who are engaged so we "were" totally looking forward to their nuptial event, but got a photo last week that they got married right before Christmas with only their parents present, lame-o's! Where is the fun in that, for the rest of us? Well, I guess it saved them a lot of money and who can blame anyone for that! It's what we should have done, LOL!


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