Monday, January 25, 2010

It Would Happen...

to me, on a Monday. As if Monday's weren't bad enough.

Rusty called me this morning & informed me that our house lacked a couple of things. Actually, three essential things: Internet, phone & cable. Hm...I guess I forgot to pay the darn bill. Ok, that's a lie I totally didn't forget, it's just that payday isn't until Friday & I hoped Verizon would be cool enough to wait. Guess not.

Well, in order to get these three 'have to have in order to survive' things I did the unthinkable. No, I didn't rob a bank or seduce an old man...I went to a payday advance place. Oh, the horror! I hate these damn places. They rip you off big time. I guess they can though cause you're in need & they have the cash so. sucks. for. you.

I don't know how it happened but our damn bill got as high as $400. I know, INSANE. I think I may have forgotten to pay a bill a couple months ago cause there's no way I've ordered that many On-Demand movies or talked for that long on the telephone. Lately I've been seriously unorganized & this is what I get. Lesson learned & I've got my ass in gear again.

I have about 40 minutes before I'm off work & I'm fidgeting in my chair because I mentally checked outta here about an hour ago. It's a Monday & I'm still in lazy weekend mode. My god-kids spent the weekend with us & I stupidly opened my mouth to their parents about taking them to Disneyland (our treat) sometime soon. I swear it seemed like a great idea in my head. Now I just keep thinking how I can get myself out of it because I cant afford it right now, for goodness sake I might be jobless soon & I have loan out with 'legal' loan sharks & to top it off I'm using $400 worth of Verizon services...Yikes.

I received my W-2 form like 2 weeks ago & I swore that this year I was going to file my taxes earlier than late February but it's not looking that way cause it's damn expensive to file. A couple of years ago I went to H&R Block & they charged me $160 to file a short form & like a dummy I paid it. Last year I had my uncle file them for me & he's a good person to file them for you if you don't mind getting letters from the IRS stating your SSN is incorrect & your name is misspelled so they cant process your taxes. I'm still undecided as to where to go to file this year but I'm thinking about going with this dude that my bro Joe goes to. Joe made less than I did last year & he got a big-o' refund (we both have no kids & don't own a house or anything) & only only paid $60 to file. I want a big-o' refund too!

In other news...I have a dentist appointment *cringe* on Friday at noon & I'm really not looking forward to it. I also have to take my car back to the body shop because they neglected to cover my windows correctly when painting the side bumper & got paint on my window trim, didn't property install a portion of my bumper so it's come loose, chipped my paint & didn't' install the bumper correctly so a portion of it is protruding. I know, that's a lot.

It's so aggravating to know that they did a half ass job. I'm sure they thought I wasn't going to notice because its been all gloomy & dark but they forgot we're in California & the rain doesn't stick around forever. I noticed all these issues while walking towards my car around noon. I called them up & complained. I don't think they like me very much but they gave me a lifetime warranty on the work they did so sucks for them.

Also, more importantly Friday is our 4 year wedding anniversary (seems longer, in a good way). We don't have anything big planned, we're probably gonna keep it low key (cause we're cool like that) & head out to a movie or something. Rusty's been wanting to see Avatar at the IMAX theater since it came out but I'm totally iffy about it, I'd rather go see Sherlock Holmes...*shrug*. Has anyone seen either & if so which do you recommend?


  1. Have you thought about using TurboTax? Sometimes depending on how much you made the federal return is free and to file with the state is like $30 bucks. I always use TurboTax and they walk you through the whole thing. I found it pretty easy. Just an FYI.

    I have also seen both movies. Sherlock Holmes was good and I enjoyed it, I mean Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr...eye candy, nuf said. But Avatar was really good in 3D and if there was an IMAX here I would have seen it there too (okay, been dragged by my bf to go see it). So I think the IMAX might be a lot of fun.

    Whatever you do I hope you have a great anniversary and CONGRATULATIONS on 4 years!

  2. I would say Sherlock Holmes, but CJ went to see Avatar and he's STILL talking about it almost a month later!! I think they're both going to be winners, whatever you choose!

    I'm glad you have a warranty on their crappy work. They totally half assed it, and now they have to fix it!

    Yikes..Verizon's not so nice to you? We have AT&T for our internet and it's reasonable, but their cell service is astronomical. I'm counting the days until I can get back to T-Mobile. I miss them!

    Just let the Disney Land thing blow over...maybe they will forget!

  3. Dang girl, I'm sorry all of this is going on! As for the bill can you get a lower package deal? If only for a little while?

    Oh-have you used Turbo Tax? Super easy. Quick. Leo did ours the other nite...that way you don't get charged outrageous fees--I went to H&R Block once when I was younger...it was awful! Lol!

    I haven't seen either movie, but I for sure think your choice looks better :) And Happy Anniversary hun!!


  4. I sent you an e-mail about this. I hope everything works out.

  5. Like Mondays aren't bad enough already...I'm sorry your's was so crappy.

    I agree E and trying out Turbo Tax. That's what we use. There is a free version, but for $30 it will help you figure out how to get a bigger and better (read: $$$) return. My mom helps me with it every year because she's a bit more tax sauvy than I am, bit it's pretty easy to use all on your own.

  6. ughh that sucks about your bill! i hate that! i'm waiting until friday to send off some bills too.

    i vote ignoring the disneyland thing and hoping it doesn't come up.

    throat punch the idiots at the car place. seriously... it's so annoying that people can't put the effort into their job to make your car presentable. ughhhh!!!


  7. Well, hang in there sweetie. I would definately stay away from H&R. It might be time to considere a different body shop for your car as well as a different phone/internet provider.

    As for the movies, I have heard great things about both. To make a tough decision, I always flip a coin. :)

  8. We pay closer to $250 a month for internet/phone/cable - and I can't stand it. We pay $80 for a freakin' phone (plus cells!), I remember a year ago we were only paying $25 at Fort Hood for phone, long distance included. It's freakin' robbery.

    We usued to pay to get our taxes done, we do short form too - just us, he's the only one who works, and we don't own a house - ad they rob you there too! *lol* We did Turbo Tax last year for the first time (military got to do it for free),and it was awesome. It was so easy to do, and we got our money in a week. We're going to do the same thing again this year, so we'll have to go buy it from Walmart of something.

    An early congrats to y'all on four years! :) We don't ever do anything crazy for ours, usually dinner and a movie and we call it good. *lol*

    I saw Sherlock and Avatar befoer Christmas, and both were good. Now I'm not a sci-fi kidna girl, and we don't have an IMAX around here, but I'll buy it when ie comes out. Rich didn't get to see it, but I'm sure he'd love it. Sherlock we loved, and I want to go see it again - but it may because I hae a think for RDJr. *lol*


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