Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello 2010...Please Be Good To Me

I cant believe it's 2010 already! Whew...

It's a new year & hopefully that means the new year will bring me lots of money, a new house & pay off my car. Ha ha, a girl can dream cant she? I guess I'll settle for good health, staying employed & being happy...I guess.

I hope everyone had a fabulous New Year. Rusty & I went very low key & spent it packing, watching Discovery ID & playing WoW. Ideal, I know. We had fun though. It was totally a Lin & Rusty thing to do. We're total homebodies.

The wedding was FANTASTIC! Joe spent around 11 grand on the wedding & I have to say it was worth it, mostly because it didn't come out of my pocket. Bonnie's dress was beyond beautiful & it totally made up for our bridesmaids dresses looking like crap. I mean it was her day after all. I cried when they took their vows & truly wish them both all the happiness in the world. At times she can be a total pain in the ass but he couldn't have chosen anyone better to join our family.

At the reception Rusty & I danced the night away & I have to give Rusty major props for dancing through the pain of the blisters on his feet. He's never been much of a dancer but he did it for me & we had a blast. He swears that he left blood in the rental shoes...gross, I feel bad for the dude who wears them next.

I wish I had some interesting stories for you all but the entire wedding was drama free. The only problem that occurred was that some family members on both sides ended up bringing guests that weren't invited so there weren't enough seats at the dinner tables. I don't get how someone can take it upon themselves to bring uninvited guests to a wedding you had to RSVP for. Totally lame.

As great as the wedding was I'm a little pissed at Joe & Bonnie. Personally I don't think it's fair that they're on a plane to Cancun right now while I'm a work, sitting in a crappy Office Depot computer chair. I mean, is it too much to ask that they take me along with them? I don't eat too much. I would have slept on the floor.

I guess I'll just have to go on a trip of my own. In about 3 weeks Rusty & I will be celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary & I have no idea what we're going to be doing. The last couple of years we've just gone out to dinner but I need a vacation so it would be nice to get out of town for a while. I'm thinking maybe Las Vegas. We got married in Vegas so it would be a great place to celebrate our anniversary.

Booze, dancing, gambling, shows & shopping...what else could I ask for? You know, besides the money to actually make the trip happen, lol. Have a great Monday!

I didn't bring my camera with me so I'll post whatever pictures I have of the wedding later. The only thing I hate about being in the wedding party is that you never get to take any good pictures cause you're always in them, ha ha. And just FYI: I'm gonna have to black circle every one's face :(
I know, I know, you all wanted to see our beautiful mugs. I'm sorry. One day I'll be stop being a chicken butt & actually post 'face' pictures. I promise :)


  1. I'm totally giggling at the chicken butt comment! LOLOL

    I vote you just post them :D

    Glad the wedding went well!! I'm mad at Joe and Bonnie too. I mean, they dont even know I exist and all, but I too would love to escape!

  2. I slept on the couch for New Year's Eve. Weeee, so exciting in my house.

  3. Can't wait to see pictures - I am praying for a better 2010 for you, gal!

  4. Can't wait to see the photos! Weddings do have a way of bringing people back together. :)

    2010 is going to be GREAT. I'm betting that 2010 even holds a job for Rusty! Or...that's what I'm hoping for you guys, anyways! Happy New Year!!!!


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