Sunday, January 17, 2010

Good & Bad

I had a great day today.

Rusty's cousin Mack called us this morning & informed us that he would be in O.C. today because he & his partner were going to be spending the day at Disneyland. Rusty & I hadn't seen Mack since our wedding, almost 4 years ago so we were totally stoked at the thought of seeing him again & finally being able to meet his partner Elton.

We met them near the Tiki Room & it was so fantastic to see
him. He's totally like a brother to me & Elton was nothing like I had imagined. He was funny, nice & we had a lot in common. We talked about him seeing Wicked the musical about 5 times & he highly recommended I go see it, which Rusty & I will be doing now. We had a blast (with the exception of the rain) & the best part is that they'll be back in town in about 2 weeks to visit California Adventure. We're supposed to meet up with them again then & I'm truly looking forward to getting together with them.

Now for the bad...

I received an email from our employee association yesterday & it was not good news. It seems that we've been having major budget issues (not really a surprise) at work & they're now going to have to lay people off. There had been talk of this before but the word was that they were going to be putting furloughs into effect before layoffs. The worst part is that the layoffs are going to start with Administration, which is what I am.

I don't know what the hell I'll do if they lay me off. There is NO WAY that unemployment will pay me anywhere near what I make & I have 5 credit cards to pay off a month, a $400 car payment, $150 car insurance & rent to pay. Rusty's telling me not t
o worry about it but I cant help it. I'm trying not to stress because every time I think about it my damn face starts to tingle & I dont want that to happen again. Two years ago the entire right side of my face went numb. And, I'm not talking about it went numb for a few minutes & then I was fine. I'm talking about my face muscles being paralyzed for about a month & a half. It was not fun, it was caused by stress/infection & it can happen again at ANY time.The medical term for what I had is Bell's Palsy. It was hell & I never wish to go through it again so I'm trying to keep myself busy til the time comes to know who's getting cut & who's staying.

I guess the main heads are going to evaluating who stays & who goes this upcoming week & will make a decision by Friday. All that keeps running through my head is 'I can be unemployed by next week'. This blows monkey b.a.l.l.s.

Rusty & went to breakfast yesterday at IHOP & we were discussing what our options would be if I were to lose my job & he pointed out the fact that I have TONS of office experience so my options are pretty wide. However, my damn glass is always half empty not full so our conversations led to this:

Me: If I lose my job I'll probably end up working here at IHOP. Naw, I'd probably want to work for a larger chain.
Rusty: Like Hooters?
Me: Yeah, right. They'd take one look at me & kick me out. You know, "SIZE" discrimination.
Rusty: Yeah...they'd look at you & say "Mam, here's an application for Raisins".
Me: ha ha ha ha ha hahahahaha....lol.
Rusty: Ok. That could have gone one of two ways. You could have either laughed or been REALLY mad. I'm so glad you laughed.

There's one of the many r
easons why I love the hubs. He can always make me laugh when I'm feeling down. If you're a fan of South Park you'll know what he meant by Raisins. But if you're not in 'cool' loop (like we are), here's a clip for you.

I've given it some thought & I'm thinking if worst comes to worst...I'll be changing my name to Aston, as in
Aston Martin *wink*. All kidding aside, if you could all keep your fingers crossed for me I'd totally appreciate it. I hope everyone has a great MLK day tomorrow!


  1. I'm hoping against hope that you get to stay on!! Just roll with the punches and don't get too stressed out. xoxoxox

  2. Hi Sweetie! Welcome to Raisins!

    Hang in there dear, I believe that everything happens for a reason and you will be okay.

    I also had Bell's Palsy and it totally sucks!

  3. Aw, hun, totally sorry about the job! I'm hoping that you won't be laid off--saying lots of prayers for you!

    ps-that video is hilarious, haha!

  4. Lots and lots of prayers for you!

  5. I so hope you don't get laid off.

  6. I hope you're not one of the ones they lay off!

  7. That 'raisins' quote cracked me up! Praying that you keep your job!

  8. Oh sweetie... I really hope you don't loose your job. I love how you're still able to pull of a funny post!!!


  9. For me to stay home with the kiddos we:
    ~got rid of a car (which got rid of the insurance too)
    ~got rid of cable
    ~at home haircuts
    Tough but it worked. I get to stay home and we have ZERO debt. Pay off our one credit card every month.


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