Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Favorite Movie Tuesday

I think I'm finally getting back into the swing of things, finally. It's so difficult to re-adjust after the holidays for me. I'm still in bum mode I guess. Anyhoo...I'm finally here & ready to do today's favorite movie, wo hoo!

This weeks' pick is

Sunshine Cleaning is one of the greatest movies I've seen in a while. When I first saw the previews I knew I'd for sure like it because of the fact that it was produced by the same people that did Little Miss Sunshine (& we all know that was a great movie).

Amy Adams is so cute & relatable in this movie. She plays Rose, a single mom who had it all in high school but is now cleaning houses in order to raise her son & is having an affair with her old high school boyfriend (Steve Zahn) who's married & keeps saying he'll leave his wife for her but has yet to do so. Emily Blunt is her little sister Norah. Norah is a disillusioned, underachieving, free spirit who cant get her shit together. She's always been looked after by Rose, who took on the mother role when their mom died.

Alan Arkin plays their dad Joe. Joe's retired & always seems to have these nutty business ideas that never work out. Clifton Collins Jr. stars as Winston the Supply Store guy. He becomes a pretty good friend of Rose's & helps her out with her business when he finds out she doesn't have certain permits. You can tell that he totally has a crush on her throughout the movie & by the end it looks as though there might be a future there (at least that's what I imagined), it's so cute.

Rusty & I watched this movie a few months after it was released & really enjoyed it. There are some pretty emotional scenes but there's also some comedy in it. I think my favorite part of the movie is when Rose finally realizes that she's worth a lot more than she thought she was. Well...that & the part when Rose & Norah are taking a bloody mattress out to the dumpster & Norah falls on top of it. It's so freakin' gross & yet SO funny.

Here's the trailer for ya:


  1. I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I spent a lot of it crying/laughing. Good pick!

  2. I loved this movie!! Just rented it from netflix about a month ago, really a good one!

  3. Your review has inspired me to put this in my queue on Netflix!! :)


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