Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Week's Almost Over...Thank God

I'm so glad tomorrow's Thursday. I don't think I could take anymore of this week.

I'm a total fan of holidays & days off but they wear me out more than working. I hate getting back to work & having to get back into the routine of it all. Why cant they just pay me to this job from home, from the comfort of my warm bed?

I attended a training on Microsoft Office 2007 today. I know, exciting right? I don't know if anyone's actually used this updated version of Office but it's not much different from 2003 or XP. Really the only thing that's changed is that there are no more 'menus', they're now tabs & ribbons. Settle down now, no need to get all rowdy, I know it's sheer awesomeness. I had to sit through this thing for 4 1/2 hours! It. Was. Awful.

Right now I'm debating on going into my bosses office & asking him if he had a chance to read the email I sent him yesterday about taking off early tomorrow. I'm a total chicken shit when it comes to talking to people. I'm way better at expressing myself when I don't have you staring at me. I'm always left wondering if I have a bugger in my nose or a stain on my shirt that I don't know about.

Rusty & I are suppposed to go to Disneyland tomorrow & check out how cool they make everything look for the Christmas season. I've heard great things. I'm just praying that it wont be that packed since it'll be a Thursday & all. I can wish cant I? We've had our passes since September & we've only gone about 6 times. Lame.

I'm sort of looking forward to Friday, I'm going to raking in those good karma points by volunteering my time at 5am with the Salvation Army. One of the O.C. family services offices will be hosting a Christmas shopping spree for 90 underprivileged kids & I'll be there to help them shop their little hearts out. Ahhh...shopping, good karma, & it's payday. Looks like it'll be an great ending to this blah week.

Oh, my mom & went shopping last weekend for a dress & she found one at Davids Bridal that she loved. It's so pretty & it's strapless...suck that Bonnie! Looks like my mom doesn't need your covered up grandma like dress anymore.

My mom hasn't told her that she bought one (or that it's strapless) yet. I'm sure she's totally gonna bust a female nut when she finds out cause her family's all nun like & would 'frown' on a strapless dress for the wedding, ha ha.

Wow...I'm in an awfully mean mood today. I think I've got a case of the Rusty's (this is what I call having absolutely no brain filter & saying whatever you want & not caring what anyone thinks). *Shrugs*

Happy almost end of the week!


  1. Have a blast at Disneyland! I hope you get that half day off. :)

  2. "A case of the Rustys"-- How cute! It sounds way better than "diarrhea of the mouth" that is what my hubby likes to say.

    I HATE Office 2007. I can never find anything. I usually just use all of the shortcut keys. A friend of mine and I were talking about it. He says whenever he can't find something he calls his 80 year old grandfather and asks what he would do. Amazingly, grandpa is almost ALWAYS right. I hate that they dumbed it down.

    Good luck going to Disney! I hope they let you off. Eliza and I will be down on the 16th for my birthday. Exciting!

  3. You are totally entitled to have a "day like this" with a "mood like this..." being sane and constantly optimistic is both overrated AND unrealistic!

    I spent a lot of time at Disney last year for their "Holiday Time" or whatever PC phrase they call it - the place really lights up at night, especially... make sure you and Rusty get one of the Disney employees to take your picture in front of the castle (they are planted there to take pictures that you buy, but humor them and let them take your picture, then hand then YOUR camera!). I hope you have a "magical" time!

  4. Hahaha! A case of the rustys! I like it.

    I hope Bonnie never finds this! Or Joe! But good for your mom! She totally got the shaft and she should be able to wear whatever she wants. :)

    Have fun at Disneyland!

  5. Hope you had fun at Disneyland! I love that place!! My hubby proposed to me on Main Street as the "snow" was falling. :)

  6. Disneyland?! That sounds fun!!!

    Random tip for bringing things up, like to your boss...(I used to work for an angry Sasquatch of a man who had a tendency to make whatever you requested into an argument ;p)...Bring it up in a slightly self-deprecating way. That way you don't have to worry about sounding like a nag and it doesn't sound as request-like.

    Example: 'Heyyy, did you get the email I sent? I had my mom on my brain and I'm worried that I sent HER something intended for YOU by accident!'. Or 'Did you get an email from me earlier? My computer froze right when I hit send and I was worried that it didn't go through.'

    Doesn't solve all the world's problems but it has helped in awkward moments.



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