Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stocking Stuffer: Old Navy Style

I was surfing the web earlier today because I had nothing else to do while I had some free time & I came across a very cool Old Navy ad.

It seems that Old Navy is having a bit of a sale this Saturday, December 19th, on their Cozy Socks.

Guess how much they're on sale for?


Nope. I'm not kidding! I'm totally gonna hustle it to the nearest store bright & early on Saturday morning cause I'm so broke that I think every-one's going to get a pair of these for Christmas. Everyone needs soft & fluffy socks, right?

Limit of 5 per person. There's also a 30% Off Any Single Item Printable Coupon HERE.



I just found out that if you go to Old Navy & buy these babies right now, before the sale, at full price you can get a price adjustment for them on the day of the sale (Saturday).

The store rule is you have 14 days from the date of purchase to have a one-time price adjustment made on the item(s), all you need to do is take your receipt with you to store where you made the purchase & they'll refund you the difference.

This is pretty awesome cause I was totally hating the idea of having to fight some random ladies for socks on a Saturday morning. Guess I'll be doing my shopping a lil' earlier ;)

*I called & spoke with a store manager to verify this 411 & it's legit.


  1. I am totally going to have to get me some of those socks, okay and maybe some for other people too. I will push a grandma out of the way if I have to! Victory will be mine!

  2. I love comfy fuzzy socks!

    Thanks for the info! xo

  3. So awesome!!! That's some sweet info! How fun that you were able to go in early and do it! :)


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