Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Need More Hours Added To The Day

I have SO much to do this week & no time to do any of it. Joe & Bonnie's wedding is on Saturday & I don't have my shoes, dress (it's still being altered), Rusty's tux, or our luggage packed.

In my last post I mentioned the ginormous mounds of dirty clothes taking over our closet & how I was planning on washing on Sunday...yeah, that so didn't happen. I got as far as separating all of it & making smaller mounds throughout our bathroom. This is definitely something I need to get around to doing ASAP because I'm starting to grab jeans out of the dirty jeans pile. Gross, I know. Please don't judge. Actually, I think I'll try bribing Rusty into doing the laundry for me while I'm at work.

This whole week has totally sucked since I've had to come into work at 5am in order to leave at 3pm so I have some time to run a couple of errands. I'm exhausted.

We had the wedding rehearsal at church last night. It went well & I'm happy to note that Bonnie has taken off her biatch hat & been a lot more pleasant to be around lately. The rehearsal was supposed to start at 8pm but was then pushed to 8:30pm because of the coordinators stupidity. I didn't get home til about 10pm last night. I'm fighting to not fall asleep right now.

Oh & the worst part of all of this 'wedding stuff' is the fact that my bridesmaids' dress looks like it was put together by a blind person. I'm so not kidding. I went to try it on yesterday & I expected a nice (maybe even mediocre) dress. But what did I get? An ugly, lopsided, potato sack of a dress. It had NO shape. And, instead of being a V-neck, like it's supposed to be, she had the neckline coming in towards my chest to make some sort of design. It was bad. The dress is also supposed to be crinkled/folded in the mid-section & that looked pretty decent until she decided to stitch the crinkled part together. I cant even describe how ugly this thing is made.

I talked to Bonnie about it & I guess this lady messed up on all the dresses. Bonnie is pissed but what can you do when the wedding is in 3 days? I'm picking the dress up tomorrow & I'm going to have my aunt fix it as best as she can for me. I wish I could have taken a picture of this monstrosity for you guys. I'll have to post one once I get it back.

Today is another busy day. I have to go with my mom to pick up her dress at Davids Bridal & then rush home to pick up Rusty, my dad & lil bro Seth cause they have to pick up their tux's. I'm definitely going to have to attempt to pack some stuff tonight & maybe I'll go shoe hunting during lunch today. Who thought finding silver heels would be so difficult?
Wow, it's not even my wedding & I'm stressed. I'm so glad Rusty & I got married in Vegas. It was WAY easier than this crap, lol.

The good thing about all this is that we'll be staying in O.C., at a beautiful hotel this weekend. It'll be like a little staycation :)

Has anybody else been sick lately? I was really sick two weeks ago & then it went away & now it's sorta back again. I have more of a nasty mucus thing going on & I'm totally hacking up nasty crap like I'm some sort of 60 year old chain smoker. The doc gave me antibiotics, which I started taking yesterday, but I'm a little hesitant due the warning on the container reading 'Diarrhea may occur weeks to months after taking this medication'...ah...what?

(insert sarcasm here) Wow...the new year is sure to be a good one with a start like this (end sarcasm here).

I hope everyone has had & will have a better week than me. And, sorry for all the whining...it's the mucus, lack of sleep & hunger, I swear.


  1. Whaaaaaaat. I can't believe their wedding is this weekend! I also can't believe that Bonnie let the seamstress finish the dresses 3 days before the wedding! OMG! We had ours scheduled to be done the March before our June wedding. Holy crap. I would be a total mess. Poor girl!

    Get well soon, and pack some depends for your staycation!!! Can't wait to see some pix of your fug dress! Hopefully your aunt can fix it up ASAP!!!

  2. Cant wait to see what your dress looks like!!!

    And yes, sucker Rusty into doing the wash... that's what any good wife would do! And no, I wont judge. I will admit I've been in your same situation and will be again if I dont tackle the mounds of dirty laundry sometime this weekend!!!

    Sick? Ugh. Baby J is sick :( Breaks my heart into a million pieces to see my little man all congested. Thankfully no ear infection though!!!

    Enjoy your new year, the wedding and everything else that life throws your way!

  3. PS - Where are you staying?! I love staycations!


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