Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Favorite Movie(s) Tuesday

Due to it being so very very very close to Christmas I've decided to make today Favorite Christmas Movies Day!

Exciting, I know.

I've always been a fan of Christmas & Christmas movies so I'm sure you can only imagine how excited I am that it's only 2 days before Christmas *huge grin*. Rusty & I went to the Moreno Valley Mall yesterday for the first time because I wanted to spend the $100 gift card my boss gave me (he's awesome!) & I think the highlight of the night (besides spending time with the hubs) was seeing Santa take pictures with all the lil' kids. I think I was more as excited as the kiddos to see him, ha ha.

Anyway, here are a couple of my favorite Christmas movies:

I'm hoping they'll be passing most of these on TV on Christmas Day but if they dont I'm going to be ready & logged onto Netflix. I hope every one's more prepared for Christmas than I am. I still have 2 gifts to purchase but cant seem to find the time to go shopping (other than for myself, ha ha).

I was thinking about making some chocolate chip cookies for all the guys I work with but they're all pretty healthy eaters & don't know if they'd eat them so I'm still undecided. Although, I think you'd have to be CRAZY to pass up chocolate chip cookies. Rusty wants me to make them regardless of whether anyone at works gets them or not. I'm sure he'll inhale them if I make them, he's addicted to anything chocolate & his teeth are paying for it, or I should say I am ($$$$).

Happy Tuesday fellow bloggers & readers!



I visited my grams during lunch today & she's definitley doing better. She even laughed a little bit & it was so great to see her smile again. Also, thank you to everyone who left a comment on Monday's post & contacted me regarding my grandmother, it truly truly means a lot to me to know that you care. You guys are fantastic!


  1. I LOVE Elf, The Family Stone, Home Alone, and A Christmas Story! Christmas must-watch movies!!These always get me in the holiday spirit.

  2. Never seen 8 crazy nights but I would like to add: Love Actually, Auntie Mame (takes place partially on xmas seen it? YOU MUST. And White Christmas!


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