Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Favorite Movie Tuesday

My head cold has only gotten worse & when I'm sick this is one of the movies I like to watch. It always makes me feel happy :)

I'm a huge fan of Steve Carell & when this movie first came out I was positive that I was going to be one of the first people to see it. Well, I wasn't. I actually didn't even rent this movie when it came out. I waited until it was on Showtime & then watched it.

I have to admit that the first time I saw Dan in Real Life I didn't really enjoy it but after watching for the 4th time I loved it. I think I expected it to be super funny & when it wasn't, it was sort of a let down. Then after watching it & getting the whole 'funny' idea out of my head I was finally able to watch & enjoy it.

I think my favorite part(s) of the movie are when Dan (
Steve Carell), Marie (Juliette Binoche), Mitch (Dane Cook)& Ruthie (Emily Blunt) are at the bar. I love the whole dance scene, it's hilarious. I also love the living talent show scene where Dan sings "Let My Love Open the Door" and the ending...these two scenes always make me shed tears. I love it!

Quick synopsis:
A widower and father of three who also writes a parenting advice column for his local newspaper falls for the girlfriend of his younger brother during a family vacation.

Movie trailer:


  1. I have never seen this! I think I really need to now!

    Hope you feel better quickly! Take some Zicam and drink plenty of OJ!


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