Monday, November 2, 2009

Well...That Was Fun

This weekend sure was something. Friday was was filled tons of little errands that weren't even mine. I carpooled into OC with my mom & drove her around to pay some bills. I made a trip to the Nissan dealership to see what I would have to do in order to extend the manufacturers warranty on my car since it's up in about 400 miles. Turns out it's not going to be as bad as I thought & I can even make monthly payments on it...works for me! So that's definitely something I'll have to get around to paying once I get some extra dough.

Halloween was tons of fun. The morning started out kinda rough though & Rusty & I didn't end up spending the day alone like we thought. My parents decided to hang out with us & so did my aunt & our god-kids. I decided to make the pumpkin pies early in the morning (around 10am, ha ha) but when I realized we had no eggs, I went upstairs to take a shower & make a run to the store. But as I was getting ready for my shower I hear my mom (who was downstairs) yell for me & Rusty. My mom's a bit of a drama queen so we took our time getting down there. Well...when we finally got there we were greeted by a laundry room, kitchen & dining room flooded in water.

I seems that our stupid washer somehow re-filled itself with water after it was full so it completely overflowed. We spent about an hour cleaning up all the water. It. Was. Awful.

Then, one of the comforters that we used to soak up the water ended up having a huge needle in it & my mom stepped on it. The darn thing went more than halfway into her heel & Rusty had to pull it out because I just kept wiggling it around every time I tried.

By 7pm I was freaking out cause I wasn't seeing any kids in our neighborhood & I sure didn't want to get stuck eating three 5lb bags of candy. My god-daughter was getting antsy so Rusty & I decided to take her trick or treating even though no one was around. We left my mom at home with the candy & by the time we got down the block you could see all the kids running out of their houses making their way to the candy. In the end, we only ended up with about 30 pieces of candy left. Not bad.

Sunday was totally weird because of the time change. We went to bed on Saturday at about 11pm & the night seemed to last FOREVER. I woke up at 7am on Sunday (wtf?) & the day dragged on so badly. I guess it was also because we didn't have anything planned & nothing was on TV.

I really hope today isn't as long as yesterday because I really don't want my hours at work to drag. It already seems like I'm here all day (I work 10 hrs/4days a week). It's gonna be totally weird getting home at 5:30pm & having the sun down. I'm hoping I'll adjust to the time change quickly.

Rusty informed me that his parents are most likely visiting us for Thanksgiving (yay?). I cant believe it's that time again. I should probably get started on my Christmas shopping...last year we put some stuff on layaway at Kmart (I hate this store btw) & I swear we paid more for the stuff there than I would have if I shopped at Target. Why cant Target have a layaway plan for poor folk like me?

I guess I better get started on my holiday budgeting. We don't have too many gifts to buy, maybe about 20 or so, so it should be somewhat easy. Rusty says we should just skip the whole traditional Christmas thing & take a trip to Las Vegas with the money we'd spend on gifts, ha ha. Personally I think his parents would kill us if they found out we went to Vegas but didn't go up North to visit them. There's just so much that's going on before the year ends & it all involves money. My head hurts just thinking about it.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween weekend!


  1. guess who DID eat 5lbs of candy after a breakfast that made me burp bacon for 5 hours! Must be a record.

  2. That's too bad about your washing machine. I hope things are good now. We didn't get any trick or treaters until 6:30 and had to turn the lights off at 8 pm. 100 kids in 1.5 hours. not bad.

  3. That is a terrible weekend, with the washer and all. Yikes!

    You don't think 20 gifts is a lot? I think that's a TON!!!

  4. Saw you on Caiti & Jess' blogs... thought I'd poke in and say hi :)

    Where in OC are you? I work in OC and live in LBC.

    Crapppy luck with the washer! Hope your day doesn't drag... mine is and I'm ready to scream!


  5. Excellent point re Target. Why don't they have a lay away program? It would make shopping there even better.

    Here's hoping to a better holiday season for you and yours! :)


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