Saturday, November 28, 2009

Too. Much. Food.

I've eaten so much food in the last three days. So not funny. All I want to do is sleep & I think it has to do with my body wanting to shut itself down so I cant eat anymore, lol.

The in-laws left this morning. Rusty was sad to see them go & we're now contemplating spending Christmas in NorCal with them. Considering the temperature gets down to about 30 degrees there in December (& the fact my in-laws are 'that' cat couple with their 10 cats), I'm not too eager to go but I guess I could sacrifice my warmth & sinus for his happiness...I guess.

I've spent all day in bed watching movies on Showtime & HBO. It's sad but the highlight of my day was bathing. I never thought I'd say it but I miss work. I need something to do besides sit here. Although, I did shop a little bit yesterday & knocked 4 gifts off my Christmas list (Yay me!).

I finally got around to watching Bride Wars, staring
Anne Hathaway & Kate Hudson, this afternoon & I was not impressed. I'm a total fan of both of them but they sucked monkey balls in this movie. The only part I did like was when Anne Hathaway danced at the strip club (I have a total girl crush on her). Who knew the chick had moves? Nice.

Oh, I also spent a lot some time on the People of Walmart website today cause well...I just have that much time on my hands, & I've decided to torture your retinas with my favorite 'lol, no they didn't' photos. So, without further ado...

Who needs pants when you got boots like those.

Who says you cant fit into your 'skinny jeans' after you gain 80 lbs?

This is just wrong...from ALL angles...just wrong.

'Come on kids, we're going to see a movie!'

He's taking recycling to a whole new level.

I could continue posting pictures all day but I thought I'd give your eyes a break. OMG, there are some nasty people in some of these pictures. Seriously, there's this one picture of a lady bending down into her trunk & I'm seriously scarred by what I saw. If you want to brave it, click here (~good luck~).

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. POW has burned some images into my brain that I just can't handle. It's awful.

    Have fun hibernating! Back to the grind tomorrow! :)

  2. As much as I was looking forward to returning to work... I'm wishing I was home snuggling with the hubs and baby j. Ugh. I have a serious case of the Mondays.

    You're a much better wife than I am... I would NOT be willing to sacrifice my warmth or sinuses. {PS I cannot STAND my inlaws}

  3. That movie was horrible! And I had been looking forward to it...but the dance WAS awesome--you are so right!

    And I'm at a loss of words for the Wal-Mart pics...all that's coming to mind is wow.


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