Monday, November 23, 2009


Rusty didn't get the job. It happens.

He went through a bunch of hoops & even got a TB test for this job & it didn't work out. It wasn't in the stars. He's bummed about it, I'm bummed about it but life goes on & we still have to be super thankful that I still have my job.

There's been a lot of talk at work about layoffs. We have a union so it's a bit of a process to let someone go from my department (thank god). So far they've relieved about a quarter of the employees from their duties due to budget cuts. It sort of makes me feel guilty that I still have a job & these people don't but I have to admit I'm REALLY glad I still my job.

As soon as Rusty called me & told me the news I went online & looked for more jobs & applied to a few for him. Somethings eventually gotta give.

I'm trying to stay super positive for Rusty because if he sees that I'm upset about it (which I'm not all that upset about) he'll get totally depressed & I don't need that right now. I've brought up that maybe he should go back to school & he's cool with it but in reality it would be a pretty big expense (this is why I haven't gone back). Only time will tell I guess. I supposed we could tighten our belt a little more & only eat out once a month instead of every other day (we're total fatty mcfatty's) & not go on any vacations next year. Yup, it's possible.
Today's good news: Our DVR was dropped off by UPS this morning. YAY! Now I just have to get all my shows in order again & make sure to schedule all them to record by tonight.


  1. Sorry, guys!! I know you were hoping Rusty would really get that job. Best of luck to you, Rusty!!!

  2. Boooo. That sucks! Just keep trying. I heard that the BOR just voted to raise tuition in Cali by 32 or 34% and that crap is INSANE. They tried to raise ours last year and everyone threw a huge fit and they ended up not raising it, but cut the expenses of all of the colleges. I hope you are able to accomplish all of the things you'd like to!

  3. Sorry cupcake! That sucks!! Stay positive, just as you are doing. It's hard tightening up belts (the whole eating out thing has been a difficulty for us!) but worth it in the end.



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