Saturday, November 14, 2009


Lately I've had a ton of things on my mind & I've sorta been down in the dumpster about them. Sucks for me...not enough $...too many bills...no time...car issues...whatevs, life goes on, right. Although, I've been giving serious thought to putting an ad out on Rusty's house cleaning skills. He is one seriously awesome house husband & can clean the shit out of any bathroom. Serious skills...any takers?? No? *shrug*

So...since there nothing better to do when your feeling down than to surf the web, I managed to find a few things that put a smile on my face & I though I'd share. 'Cause you know I'm just friendly that way :)

1. Watching this moron chick make a complete idiot of herself (AGAIN) always makes me happy. Is there any way that Californians' could get together & boot her out of our state? Maybe we can give her to Texas (sorry Texas!)...

2. The cast of The Hangover on the cover of GQ. This movie was HILARIOUS! If you haven't seen it, well I think you're a communist or live under a rock...add it to your Netflix que like Now. All I have to say is 'funny, funny & super hottt'. Bradley Cooper makes me smile :)

3. Amy Adams' new movie, Leap Year. This movie looks so cute, I cant wait to see it. Love stories always make my day a little brighter.

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4. HBO just released a statement, Season 4 will premiere January 10, 2010. I cant wait!

5. Looks like this awesome show has been renewed for it's 2nd Season. YAY! It'll be premiere January 18, 2010 on Showtime.

6. Rusty showed me this video some time ago & it still cracks me up. I love this little boys accent & it's hilarious how his lil brothers like 'ha ha, he's in pain'. Adorable!

7. I finally got around to DVR'ing this show. I know...I'm totally way behind you cool cats. I've only laughed out loud for a couple of shows (Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, etc.) & didn't really expect this show to be one of them, I was wrong. I laughed, cried, sang...I LOVE IT! It's definitely a new must DVR. I just cant believe this shows been out since May & I'm just now on the bandwagon...lame.

Smile, It's the weekend! Hope you all have a great one :)


  1. Sorry you're down in the dumps, sweets! Happens to the best of us. Glee is basically my favorite show of all time. Ever. Did you see last Wednesday's episode? It was so amazing. I teared up when Sue visited her sister.

  2. I still haven't watched Glee! Everyone says how great it is... I need to set my DVR!

    And yes, I vote we banish Carrie Prejean to... well anywhere. Anywhere but here. She's an idiot. What was best about her Larry King interview is that she took off her mic AND STAYED THERE! Effin leave if you're going to take off your mic. She's an idiot. hahahahaa!!!

    *hugs* I think it's something in the air. Possibly blowing in by the Santa Ana winds??

  3. 1.) I will gladly hire Rusty's house/bathroom cleaning skills ANYDAY. How about you and I go shopping while our husbands clean my house? Haha! I told my hubs the other day I am so serious about cleaning the house that I am about to hire a cleaner. He insisted that he would help and not to spend the money on a house keeper. Since we had company coming over for dinner the next day I asked him to clean the bathroom (I had already cleaned the rest of the house myself). I come home the next day to fine no change in the bathroom (even though said Hubs insisted that he would do it!). I asked him why he didn't, he literally said it was because he didn't see any NEED to clean it. Apparently he thinks he still lives in college. Ugh.

    2.) Isn't that Carrie Prejean clip totally frustrating? Who the F tells Larry King that HE is the one being inappropriate, when YOU are the one who signed up for an interview in the first place. I have a feeling this chick might be secret bff's with Paris Hilton.

    3.) I am IN LOVE with Glee. WEE! Glad you are getting on the pop train, too ;)


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