Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mary Kay Review & GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by Karla Ray, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, if I would sample & review a couple of her products. And, since I'm such a nice girl & love getting free stuff I said yes. So finally after about a week or so of having sampled them I'm finally getting around to posting the review today (procrastination at its best). FYI: I'm super honest when it comes to recommending stuff to people so this review will be nothing but my honest opinion & experience.

On with the show...

Karla sent me the following products to sample & review (click on the links to get more info):

  1. Mary Kay Timewise 3 in 1 Cleanser: Combination to Oily Skin
  2. Mary Kay Timewise Age-Fighting Moisturizer: Combination to Oily Skin
  3. Mary Kay Timewise Day Solution Sunscreen SPF 25
  4. Mary Kay Timewise Night Solution
  5. Mary Kay Timewise Microdermabrasion Step 1: Refine
  6. Mary Kay Timewise Microdermabrasion Step 2: Replenish

I seem to have that really strange type of skin that can be totally dry one day & really oily the next so it’s really nice that Mary Kay makes products for both skin types. I was having unusually oily skin this time around so I was glad Karla sent me the Combination to Oily Skin regimen.

I started by washing my face with the Timewise 3 in 1 Cleanser. I had had a seriously long day a work so using this cleanser felt so good on my skin. As soon as I applied it to my face I could feel the little beads in the cleanser gently scrubbing away all the dirt & oil from my face. After rinsing my face I applied the Microderm Step 1 to remove any access dry skin. This was pretty cool because I really didn’t have to use a lot of it. This also had tiny little beads in it that gently scrubbed away all that unwanted dry skin (which I get around fall & winter time). I was informed that you only have to use the Microderm Step 1 about once a week if you have dry skin & twice a week if you have combo/oily skin.

After rinsing Step 1 off & drying my face, I applied Timewise Step 2. This little solution is like instant satin feeling skin in a bottle. As soon as I started messaging it into my skin I could feel my skin become softer & silkier. I didn’t feel dry or oily…it was perfect.

And, since I was doing all this at night time I then applied the Night Solution. This solution has tiny little pink & purple beads & “ingredients that help reverse the signs of aging by enhancing your skin’s renewal process while you sleep” (I got that off the back of product). As the final step, I applied the Moisturizer. Needless to say after using all of this I was ready for bed. My skin felt clean, gentle, silky smooth & rejuvenated.

The next morning my face was feeling just as great!

Before leaving to work I went ahead & used the 3 in 1 Cleanser to wash my face, applied the Day Solution with SPF 25 (because sometimes the sun is the enemy) & the Moisturizer. I can honestly say that my face was not nearly as oily as it had been the day before.

I don’t usually wear make-up on a daily basis because I’m constantly worried that I’ll look like a clown that was slapped by a stick of butter (gross, I'm aware) but I can totally wear make-up comfortably after washing my face with this stuff. I repeated this regimen for a couple of days & at first it seemed like it was WAY too much work but then again this is coming from a girl who usually washes her face with whatever is in the shower, ha ha. I could totally get used to doing this on a daily/semi daily basis. My skin is totally worth it & it felt fantastic afterward.

*Disclosure: Karla provided me with a the above mentioned items for me to sample & review. I was not given any monetary compensation for this review & was only given the above mentioned items in order to write an honest & true review of those products. Everything written in this post is my honest opinion.


Now for a GIVEAWAY

Karla has been kind enough to provide me with a gift for 1 of my readers. When I received the package & saw what it was I gave serious thought to keeping it for myself 'cause it's definitely something that's always good to have & it’s pretty freaking cool! But, since I'm such a nice gal & I'm sure Karla would question why it was never given away (the post office lost it, I swear, ha ha)...Here it is:

1 lucky Vault reader will win this fabulous

Mary Kay ‘Vacation Getaway Set’

Look glamorous on the go with this travel-ready Vacation Getaway Set”

The set includes the following:

  • Mini Mary Kay SPF 30 Sunscreen
  • Mini Mary Kay After-Sun Replenishing Gel
  • Mini Mary Kay NouriShine Lip Gloss: Beach Bronze
  • Mary Kay Waterproof Mascara: Black
  • Mary Kay Eyesicles Eye Color: Island Bronze
  • 2 refillable travel bottles

How to win:
*please leave a separate comment for each entry*
(example: if you complete all 5 entries, you’ll have to have 5 separate comments stating what was done)
  • Become a follower of this blog or let me know you already are one (mandatory).

Extra Entries:

  • Visit Karla’s Mary Kay website & tell me what other item(s) you’d like to own.
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  • You have until 11:59pm on Saturday, November 7th to enter & win!
    The winner will be chosen at random & posted the next day (Sunday).


    (**Giveaway open to US residents only**)


    1. That seems like waaaaay too much work! But then again I'm in need of some skin rejuvinating.
      Confession: I wash my face with whatever is in the shower or at the sink. I am, however, bright enough not to use the usual frilly bath and body works stuff my mom has for hand soap. But I'll grab the bar of soap from the shower behind me. Go figure. So does this count as an entry?!

    2. @Tracy: It did seem like a lot of work in the beginning but evenutally it became routine like. I, too, am guilty of washing my face with whatever soap is in the shower. This was definetly a nice change though.

      And, this totally counts as an entry since I know you're already follower. Thanks for participating!

    3. ooh i love reviews. Have you ever used Origins? They just raped my wallet.

    4. I have the Mary Kay's regimen for hands and i love it. I was attracted to your blog because I searched for skin care and saw that you mentioned Mary Kay. Looking forward to your other posts since I'm now a follower.

    5. I am a follower and I visited her site. Ready? I love the granite colored eye shadow.

      What a great idea to review first! I like MK but usually I am just feeling lucky when I take a shower every morning.

      I just plain sad.

    6. I am your newest follower!
      Great giveaway!

    7. I am a twitter follower!

    8. I visited and love like all the shadows and the foundations look great!

    9. Of course I follow your blog (and I love it's new background, too! Super fun!)


    10. And of course I follow you on Twitter!!

    11. I have a weakness for new eyeshadows, so I would order Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color in a purple or green!

    12. I'm a (very new!) follower!

      Sarah B.
      untenuredteacher at yahoo dot com

    13. I would love the Satin Hands Pampering Set... especially with winter dryness coming soon :)

      untenuredteacher at yahoo dot com

    14. also love: Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color,

    15. I'm a follower... love to know there is another quirky person out there in the world! :)

    16. Visited Karla's website - really like to try any of the TimeWise products.


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