Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's Begun

I know that a lot of people are against getting any Christmas shopping/decorating done before the 1st of December but I'm not one them. I have officially begun shopping for Christmas gifts today (yay me!). So far I only have a few small items but it feels great to know that the process has begun.

As I mentioned before, I signed up to participate in The Mommy-Files' Bloggers Santa Swap & on Friday Shannon sent us all our swap partners. I was so excited to find out who I was paired up with because it's always fun to get to know a fellow blogger & the best part is you guys get to give each other gifts. I love gifts!

Shannon paired me up with Caryn from Rockin Mama. She has such a great blog & is constantly hosting tons of giveaways. She has a little boy who is the cutest little guy & has a little girl on the way (btw, a couple of bloggers are hosting a huge virtual baby shower for her starting Dec. 1). This morning I headed out to the store & started my swap shopping. I had so much fun.

The only thing I never look forward to when shopping are the crowds of people that for some reason or another have become extremely territorial over certain isles/items. I drove by Wal-mart on my way to the store this morning & noticed that it's now open 24 hours...SWEET! So from now on I'll definitely be doing all my shopping after midnight so I can avoid all the crowds.

Last night I was checking out all of the ads for this years Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) & it seems like Target is the place to be this year. They seem to have some pretty cool deals going on for that day & most of their clothing (for everyone) is going to be on sale, which I'm really excited about. Wal-mart still hasn't leaked their ad but unless they have some amazing out of this world sales I wont be stepping foot in there. I prefer to shop than getting trampled & beat up for a television or toy.

I think I've just been trying to keep myself really busy this weekend because Rusty's job interview is tomorrow. He's been totally nervous & has been trying to keep his mind off of it so he's been playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 with my lil bro Seth all day. I've tried to act all strong & alo
of but I really hope he gets it too. I'm trying to be really positive & I know that even if he doesn't get it we'll be fine & we'll make it.

Rusty just came in because they're done playing for now. We're now going to start our Nightmare on Elm Street marathon...yeah, I'm sure I wont have problems sleeping tonight *teeth chattering*.

Hope everyone had a great weekend is ready for Monday!


  1. Crossing my fingers for Rusty! Enjoy your Christmas shopping! :)

  2. Would you like to do my christmas shopping for me too!? haha!!! Good for you for starting! It looks like I'll probably be a last minute person. We always put it off and put it off. My husband and I certainly dont do each other any favors by being okay with putting it off.

    How'd the marathon go errr... how'd you sleep!? :)

  3. You and Caryn will make a great team!


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