Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hectic Day & We Have A Winner

I'm so glad today was not as hectic as yesterday. Friday had to be the most hellish lame day ever. Rusty & I woke up at 5:30am to drive into OC because we had to drop off my car at the dealer to get some radiator part fixed. I seriously thought it would take around 4 hours or so...yeah right. I didn't get my car back til 5pm.

After dropping my car off, my mom was nice enough to let me borrow her behemoth of a car (Ford Excursion) cause I had to go get my womanly parts checked (again, lame). After getting poked & prodded I mentioned to the doc that I wanted a referral to a dermatologist in order to get some nasty skin-tags removed because my lil bro was getting married next month. He then informs me that a referral wont be necessary, he can do it in the office. So there I am thinking, 'cool I'll schedule another appointment & come back in a week or so, whatev', until he's like 'ok, I'm gonna go get the tweezers & scissors, you wont need any numbing either'.

No numbing? I'm sure the look on my face was priceless. Rusty was ready to make some kind of emergency up if I wanted to bust out of there, ha ha. But, I truly honestly deeply hated those damn ski
n-tags. My grandma & mom have them & I swore I'd get them removed if I ever had them (& I did have them removed once before like 11 years ago). So...I swallowed hard & took the pain. The doc removed about 16 of them...so nasty!

He swore up & down that I wasn't gonna bleed but I sure showed him. Almost every one that he clipped off bled so he had to get those little circle band-aids & cover most of them. By the end he had almost covered my entire neck with them. It was like a band-aid turtleneck, lol. The worst part is that I had to go to a eye exam like that. I swear the girl helping me pick out my new (kick ass) glasses thought I was mauled by a vampire or something. Thank you Lens-Crafters girl for not asking about it ;)

After most of them stopped bleeding I ripped most of the band-aids off. This was all that was left by the end of it:

I was telling everyone I was a fang-banger ;)

I think the worst part of the day were all the little things that needed to get done. What a day, what a day...we finally got home around 7pm & passed out by 10 cause my ovaries were seriously hurting (thanks doc). Oh & I thought I'd post a picture of what Rusty made me for dinner on Thursday night. I'm one lucky girl!

Breakfast for dinner w/a side of Strawberry Margarita

Alright, now for the winner of the Mary Kay 'Vacation Getaway Set'.



Comment #6 said:

I am your newest follower!
Great giveaway!

Thank you to everyone that participated, I wish I could send you all a gift (when I win the CA lottery I promise I'll send you something fabulous). I hope everyone has a great weekend!

*fyi: the winner has 48 hours to claim the item. If 48 hrs pass & the winner has still not claimed the item, a new winner will be chosen at random.


  1. Yikes!! I had a mole removed when I was in high school for biopsy, and the shots hurt like hell! Maybe you're lucky there was no numbing, haha! But at least they're gone, right?

    Also, go Rusty! Nice dinner!!

  2. Oy. I can't believe they did that w/o sedative. Holy crap!

    I'm actually in Palm Springs right now for work - loving your state so far! :)

  3. You poor thing. That was quite a day.

  4. Your doc lied! Those little suckers bleeeeeeed!!! I pull them off at home all the time. I've had them zapped off by the derm (it's just so much easier to grab them on my own at home) and it's by far much easier! No bleeding either since with the laser thingy it cauterizes it also.

    And for serious, I agree with Caiti, the shot *faints* is THE WORST... when they numb that sucka.

    YAY for all of your errands done in one day though!!! Plus it was a gorgeous day in the OC this weekend!

  5. They really snip them off without any numbing?!! I got a few since being pregnant and thinking I want them removed, but no numbing? . . . hmmm, maybe I'll just keep them.


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