Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Favorite Movie Tuesday

This weeks' movie pick is:

This movie is hilarious! Just Friends was released in 2005, way back when Ryan Reynolds was just an 'unknown' piece of wonderful eye candy. This guy has some serious skills when it comes to being hot & funny.

This cast of this movie includes Ryan Reynolds (Chris), Amy Smart (Jamie), Anna Faris (Samantha), & Chris Klein (Dusty). I can remember watching this for the first time at home (at my lil bro's suggestion) & laughing from the very beginning.

The story revolves around Chris (overweight male cheerleader) & Amy (skinny & pretty popular girl). They've been best friends for as long as they can remember & of course Chris is in love with Jamie but has never told her. He decides to finally confess his love to her at her graduation party but is humiliated by some classmates before he gets around to it. He ends up leaving her party while she defends him & he swears that he's going to leave town & make something of himself & they'll be sorry. A couple of years later, a now thin & hot Chris is seen as a ladies man who lives & works in Los Angeles. Long story short...he ends up in his old hometown with Samantha (who's a pop-star & is obsessed with Chris) & runs into his old love Jamie. Thinking that he can finally get her out of his system, Chris plans to woo and seduce Jamie. However, a number of unexpected problems and the growing realization that his friendship with Jamie actually did mean something to him keep getting in the way.

Wow...that was sorta long. Anyway, if you're looking for a good comedy you should check this out. Anna Faris is actually pretty funny as the crazy pop-star (I didn't like her in Observe & Report) & I love when she sings 'Forgiveness....is more than saying sorry...' ha ha, she's horrible!

Here's the movie trailer just in case you're not completely convinced (sorry about the stupid ad before the video, it's the best I could find):

Movie Trivia:

  1. During filming, 'Ryan Reynolds' stepped outside while in full fat make-up. A fan of his came up to him and asked if Ryan Reynolds was inside. He said yes and pretended he wasn't himself.

  2. To keep up Samantha's continuous aggressiveness and hysterics, Anna Faris continually drank Red Bulls before filming.

  3. In the opening scene when Chris is leaving the party on his bike, he quotes from Bruce Springsteen's "Thunder Road": "[This is] a town full of losers, And I'm pulling out [the] win."

  4. Ryan Reynolds was engaged to Alanis Morissette while filming this movie. They later separated in 2007.


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