Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas List

Due to it being November already & having a lot some downtime I decided to make a list (on a handy-dandy post it) of all the Christmas gifts Rusty & I need to buy this year.

I had mentioned in a post a couple of days ago that we were only going to be buying gifts for 20 people this year. Well, for the record, it'll be 19 (Rusty not included). Someone had commented that 20 gifts was a lot to buy but really, last year we bought around 30 or so.

I have a really large family. Well, not like brothers & sisters family but a lot of aunts, uncles & cousins. I think in total there are 27 cousins just on my mom side & we're all somewhat close. The last couple of years have been pretty easy because the whole family decided to participate in a gift exchange (perfect!) but no one has mentioned it this year so who knows if it'll happen.

Anyway, regardless of whether we have an exchange or not there are still gifts that must be purchased, even if they're little ones. So far I have 4 parents, 3 grandparents, 3 siblings, 2 siblings'-spouses, 2 nieces, 3 god-children, & 2 god-parents on our list. I have decided to pair up our siblings with their spouses & buy them a joint gift so hopefully that'll help my budget (or lack of).

I've been sitting here staring at it for about an hour & have jotted down some ideas of what to buy each one of them & an estimation as to how much it'll cost. If my estimation is somewhat correct, I'm looking to spend $274 on these 19 people. Would it be cheap of me to buy them all a $5 Subway gift card? I mean they could totally get a whole foot-long sub, they'd have to buy their own drink but whatever.

Rusty keeps telling me that we don't need to buy anything for his parents or his sister & her hubs (they never get us a gift) because we're not even going to see them for Christmas but it just feels wrong. I was also hoping that I could start my shopping somewhat earlier this year (last year I was shopping the week before Christmas) but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen because I have to pay my traffic ticket tomorrow & next payday my car payment & rent is due.

Looks like I wont get started on my shopping till Mid December...wha wha wha. But, on a plus note Rusty just called me & said that he just talked to a guy in Human Resources at a job he applied for & they asked him to go in for an interview on Monday, November 16 *huge smile*

OMG, if this really happens & Rusty gets this job, I'll be the happiest girl in the world, I'll go back to church & attend every Sunday (ok, well not every Sunday), & I'm gonna totally have a huge giveaway on here to celebrate! Cross your fingers for us & send all your positive vibes our way please!!!

Ha, maybe I'll be able to start my shopping early after all. Don't worry, I'm not gonna go spending all my $ before we know the outcome *fingers crossed*

For those of you who have big families, or even if you don't, how do you do it so that you don't break your bank account but still buy everyone pretty decent Christmas gifts? I'd love some suggestions!


  1. I have a big family, but we don't really see hardly any of them...so really, I have very few people to buy gifts for. HOWEVER, I think low amount gift cards are nice for those you don't really see or who don't buy for you. It's just the thought that counts anyway, so they should appreciate it!!

    I enter a lot of giveaways too in regards to family, so if I win, I'll use that in one of their gifts. It's been nice so far...I started really early so you have less time now but you could still try!


  2. Both my hubs & I have HUGE families so we both just decided to do gift exchanges. A good one on his side & dirty santa on mine. That way it's fun & a little bit easier on everyone.

    I'm definitely crossing my fingers for you & Rusty!!!

  3. Ohhhh...good luck for the interview! Keeping my fingers crossed!

    As for gifts, I buy for grandparents and parents. For siblings we draw names. And then for nieces/nephews I get them something small :)

  4. I make a budget for every month of the year and stick to it.(well try) I budget a certain amount from each paycheck to shop with. I also start as early as I can, usually in October. I already have 2 people of 10 done and almost another one. :)

  5. My list isn't a huge list to buy for... but I always break the bank even when I'm trying to be mindful of funds. I love the holidays and hate them all at the same time. I'm glad Baby J is too small to understand Christmas this year so I'm off the hook with him. I'll get him a little gift or clothes since he's growing like a weed... but other than that I'm not going nuts for him.

    Off to make my list and then cringe at the money!

  6. On my side of the family we draw names, so it's nice and easy to buy just a present or two, and everyone is happy. But on my husbands side of the family it's buy buy buy for everyone! Ugh. It kind of irks me each year when I'm out spending the bucks, but . . . tis the season. Good luck with your list, hope it isn't anything like mine: just when I think I have all people on it, I remember one more :( (Wow, I sound like Scrooge!)

  7. We stopped buying individual gifts several years ago. Now-a-days we exchange names and have a price limit. Seems to work pretty well, but maybe that's just us. Hope you're able to start shopping soon! That's the best part!


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