Monday, October 12, 2009

Yep...Feels Like A Monday

Everything is BLAH today.

I woke up somewhat early today & still made it into work late, go figure. Payday was Friday & I'm already broke, how the heck did that happen? Oh wait, maybe it was all that unnecessary shopping I did this weekend...hmm.

Luckily no one's in the office today so I'm totally slacking. Don't tell anyone but I really haven't done much other than call back a couple of people that left me messages over the weekend. Oh...I called back this one dude who left me a message on Friday & of course no Monday would be complete without a phone call like this, this is what went down...

I call this guy & what I'm assuming is his roommate, answers. I introduce myself & ask for 'John', he tells me 'John' isn't home but I can leave a message. Okay. So I ask him if he's ready for my message & he's like 'yeah sure' so I leave this intricate message with my name, number, reason & everything and afterward roommate guy informs me that he's in the bathtub right now so he can't really write anything I said down.

WTF? I ended the call by simply saying 'fine, maybe I'll call back later' through gritted teeth. What I really wanted to say though was 'Are you effing serious? If you didn't have a damn pen & paper on hand why did you tell me you'd take down my message? Do you think I like talking to turd boys who take baths at 2:30 in the afternoon just for kicks, cause I DON'T!'.

This has totally turned into a rant...and I'm sorry! It's just that I'm totally PMS-ing (for the 2nd time this month...strange) & I desperately need a vacation. Desperately.

*Deep breathe* I'm so looking forward to going home, putting on my PJ's (even if it is only 5:30pm), laying in bed & watching last nights episode of Mad Men. Oh, speaking of Mad Men, Christina Hendricks (aka: Joan) got married this weekend. Yep, this sexy red-head is officially off the market. She married fellow actor Geoffrey Arend at Il Buco restaurant in NYC, they were engaged for 2 years. Here are some pictures I borrowed from Dlisted of her on her wedding day.

She looks beautiful, I love her red hair! And, her dress is pretty. I'm sorta diggin how her train gathers in the back. I have to be completely honest though, I really think she could have done a lot better than this dude. I'm sorry, that wasn't nice I know. I'm sure he's actually a kick ass guy & they both look really happy so I really hope they last. (Note: I just looked up the movies he's been in & he's the college dude from Super Troopers, you know..."these snozberries taste like snozberries" dude! Ha ha, ok he's super freaking cool, I'm glad she married him!)

I also hope everyone's Monday is going better than mine. (*you suck bathtub turd guy!*)


  1. you make me laugh "bathtub turd guy!" . . . that would so annoy me too!!!

  2. This week so far has been one long Monday! No one is in my department - very quiet and dull!

    Luckily I don't have to deal with bathtub turd guy. Whew!

  3. PMS + Guys who take baths = a hell of a way to start out a week at work!

    PS--LOVE her hair color...gorgeous!


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