Thursday, October 8, 2009


This week has been so crazy. Here a little of what has been going on...

-My grams was put into the hospital on Wednesday for the 3rd time this month. It seems that the hospital she was at the last time released her before she was well & her pneumonia got worse so she's back in the hospital. It's never crossed my mind that my grandma may someday pass away, for some reason I always thought she'd live forever. It's been really difficult coming to terms with the fact that she's 74 & is not going to be here forever. Right now she's still at the hospital but stable, so far so good. All I can do is pray for her health

-Due to the above, I have yet to mail out Gidget's movie & goodies (sorry again Gidget!) that she won from my movie giveaway. Gidget picked The Wedding Singer, good pick! I have it all packed but haven't had time to go to the post office. I swear I can hear the candy in the package calling my name...'Lin, eat me eat me!'.

-I gave in. Remember Rusty wanted a Hermann tortoise? Yeah, well we drove 2 hours to Lancaster today & picked it up. He's so freakin' happy, ha ha. The lady we bought it from had like a freaking zoo of tortoises, all varying in size (quarter size to 150 lbs). Crazy tortoise lady. Rusty has been getting Vader's (that's what Rusty named him, yes Vader...as
in Lord Vader, he's a total geek) new bachelor pad ready for him all week. It' now ready & Vader is sleeping like a bum exploring like crazy. As much as I was totally against getting him, I have to admit he's actually really cute & I'm glad I gave in (shhh...don't tell Rusty though).

(Vader exploring his bachelor pad)

(Vader eating his yummy lettuce)

-I'm super excited, I'm finally gonna get to have some fun this weekend. Rusty & I are going to be taking our god-kids to the So-Cal fair that's going on a block away from our house. YAY for the fair & fatty foods!

-Lastly & most awesomely (probably didn't use that correctly but oh well)...this came in the mail a couple of days ago.

(I love the colors! She used his & my favorite colors)

(I'm crazy about the swirl inside. How did she do that?)

It was made by Lorrie (Our Name Is Mud & Our Name Is Blog). She did an amazing job! I won this sometime last month when she went on vacation & left us (her followers) playing a word association game. It was so much fun, I was totally addicted. Anyhoo, when she came back she picked some random #'s & if your comment was that #, you won a mug with a personalized message on it. I ended up picking this message because Rusty & I began dating in 2003 so needless to say he has been owned & operated by me (a Mexican) since then :) I had him open the package since it was for him & he loved it! It now sits on his computer desk & said he's not going to let anyone touch it. Needless to say, we know what everyone is getting for Christmas ;)
Thanks again Lorrie!


  1. Lord Vader's home looks like my cat litter box, minus the shrubs and the turtle.

    I would think that despite the salmonella that the turtle would be an easy pet.

    I love your mug!! Lucky Girl!!

  2. Vader is sooo cute! Sounds like a very busy week! I'm loving the swirly inside of that mug. How *did* she do that?

  3. Love the mug! That is so cute and I love the swirled inside. :)

  4. Your little tortoise buddy is so cute!

    That swirl inside is really cool. You're right. It's a fun thing waiting at the end of your drink too!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your grams. I hope that she improves soon!

  5. Vador is so cute, I want one now too! And I love the swirl inside the mug, how did she do that?!

    So sorry to hear about your grandma, it's a hard thing to deal with. I'm in the same boat, it's a day by day thing for us, and she has no idea that I'm about to make her a great-grandma for the first time. Hang in there, I'll think good thoughts for you all!

  6. I hope your grandma gets better soon!

    The mug is so cute!


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