Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm A Total Hater

I know most of you are gonna hate me for saying this but...I don't like Scarlett Johansson.



However, despite my dislike for her I can't get her & Pete Yorn's song 'Relator' out of my head. There's something so catchy & great about this song & I hate that I'm so into it because she sings it. I've always been a Pete Yorn fan, he's great & i think somehow his greatness is rubbing off on her (thank god, cause she should never do a solo album again).

If you haven't heard the song yet, here's them performing it on the Ellen Show:

All right I'm gonna come out & just say it...*deep breathe*... the truth is I don't like her because she married my secret lovah...

How dare she? We were so gonna run away together & she ruined it . Damn her & her nice skin, pretty hair, barbie doll body & bad acting!

Oh well...at least I still have my fall back guy ;)

Note to Rusty:
If you're reading this just know that I love you & if the opportunity does arise, I will leave you but only to jack them for their $ and then we'll rendezvous @a later time (bro's before ho's!).


  1. For the record, you are totally allowed to hate her ;) I will never like a whole bunch of (unsaid) women who have married my movie stars of love ;) Biotches.

  2. Has Rusty already read it? And if he has what was his reaction?

  3. It could happen. He could come to his senses and realize that YOU are the one and come for you.

    One day Brad Pitt will wise up. I just know it!! He'll come for me.

  4. Scarlett Johannsen, Megan Fox, and anyone on an MTV reality show. I am not a fan of these people.


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