Monday, October 19, 2009

Gift Card vs Cash


Saturday was my lil bro Joe's birthday. He turned the big 2-5 & because he's a 5-0 (hip slang for Cop) & had to work, we were unable to see him that day so he & Bonnie decided to visit us on Sunday after his shift ended.

My mom, being the competitive person that she is, decided to make Birria in honor of his birthday. The reason I mentioned she's competitive is because I think the only reason she did this is due to Bonnie informing her that her mom was making Joe's favorite food (shrimp) for dinner on Saturday & they were throwing a small surprise party for him after work. And, of course my mom couldn't be shown up so she decided to cook what she thought was his favorite food. Anyway...I guess it's a territorial thing with moms...I don't know.

I really didn't think we were going to see him on or around his birthday so like the bad sister that I am, I didn't bother to get him a gift. I figured I'd see him about a week after his birthday & then it's like 'Oh man, I totally never got you a gift huh? Well...there's always next year.' But since my plan was now foiled thanks to my moms 'I gotta show her up' complex, Rusty & I went off to the hell hole that is Wal-mart for a gift.

Now, my brother is not a person you can buy just anything for. He likes expensive things nice things, which I cannot afford nor would I buy for him even if I could. I tend to stick to theater & restaurant gift cards as a gift for people because it's easy & you know they'll (hopefully) use them so of course I headed straight for the one's located by the checkout lanes.

I'm looking around & cant decided whether he'd enjoy Red Lobster, Olive Garden or the Theater better so I ask Rusty...such a mistake. Of course he just wants to get the heck outta there so he's like 'just get whatever' (thanks for the help, love). I finally opted for a gift card that you can use at 4 different restaurants, something I thought was pretty cool. As I got home & was signing his b-day card I thought, why the hell didn't I just save myself the hassle & give him cash?

I mean...seriously, who doesn't like cash? I. DO.

I've heard of giving kids cash for their birthday but is it wrong/tacky to give an adult the $25 you would put on a gift card in cash?

Maybe it has a lot to do with how close you are to the person. Although, looking back I probably should have just given him the cash because after I gave it to him, he said thanks & then left it laying on the dinning room table. Where it stayed for the rest of the night...

All I'm saying is, he probably wouldn't have just left cash laying on the table *shrug*.


  1. You gave him the gift card because you care. You put thought into it and cash is impersonal.

    You're a good sister.

  2. I think its a broad as it is long. Gift cards are more personal, but cash is...well, cash (and who couldn't use more of that nowadays). And it just depends on the person you're giving to. If they like to eat out then a gift card is a great idea, but if they're like to eat in and they hate the theater than maybe cash is the better option.

    I think you made the right decision.

  3. I love gift cards...., if I were you I would have sneaked the gift card back into my bag. ;0))

  4. gift cards seem more thoughtful than cash just because of the fact that you went out and bought it for them :)


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