Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Favorite Movie Tuesday

I am so off my game lately...I almost forgot to post this thing, lol.

Luckily I remembered! So, this weeks' favorite movie is:

This movie was released in 2002 but I didn't watch it until a year later when Rusty & I needed a movie to watch while babysitting. I had heard great things about it & I'm always up for any type of musical so I decided to grab it. Within minutes of watching Chicago, I was hooked & in love! Rusty even got me the movie soundtrack, which I constantly play in my car & sing along to (I know all the songs & I'm not ashamed to admit it, cause I'm cool like that...oh yeah.).

To this day I still wish I could be Roxy or Velma, they're so freaking sexy-cool. If you ever want to watch a movie that will totally knock your socks off with great acting, fantastic dancing & wonderful singing...This. Is. It.

Catherine Zeta-Jones played a magnificent Velma Kelly. She was beautiful, conniving, & a total bitch when she needed to be.

Renee Zellweger played the homely & naive Roxy Hart. Renee Zellweger plays the part perfectly when Roxy goes from being a frail young lady to a greedy & cunning woman.

Richard Gere did a great job playing lawyer Billy Flynn. Richard Gere even tap dances in this movie, it's great!

You'll also find Queen Latifah, John C. Reilly, Christine Baranski, Taye Diggs, Dominic West, Lucy Liu, and Mya as supporting actors in this movie. If you haven't seen it I really really suggest you rent it or add it to you list on Netflix cause it's GREAT!

Here's the movie trailer, I promise that you'll want to watch the movie after watching this (I did):

Click here to read some cool trivia on the movie. Like, did you know that Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renee Zellweger, & Richard Gere danced & sang all their parts? Yup. Also, the director wanted Catherine Zeta-Jones to wear her natural long hair in the movie, but she insisted on the short bob. She explained to People magazine that she didn't want her hair to fall over her face and give people a reason to doubt that she did all the dancing herself.

If you ever have the chance to watch Chicago on stage, do it! Rusty & I missed the chance to see it twice (sucks) & I will forever regret it. However, Rusty has done some research & found that they're supposed to come back & perform in OC sometime soon (YAY!) so hopefully I'll finally be able to see it live :)


  1. Yeah, that's a great movie! I can't believe that Cathrine Z-J was pregnant!! I'd have been sick to death!

  2. I so love 'Chicago'. I've seen it plenty of times and will never get enough!

  3. i've never seen that movie and i've always wanted too! maybe i should check it out...hmmmm

  4. Chicago was an awesome movie...I absolutely loved the Choreography in the movie...Nice post :)


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