Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crazy Weekend...

Why is it that whenever Sunday rolls around I'm always surprised that the weekend is over already? I mean, it's not like I went & disappeared for half of it or anything. I was here, I did stuff, spent money and yet I'm still bummed & surprised that tomorrow is Monday.

Friday was a busy day. I made a trip into the OC even though I didn't have to work because I had a ton of errands to run there. We also had to take lil'
Dexter (previously Vader the Tortoise, yep, Rusty re-named him) to the Vet for his first visit. Oh, man this vet was so freaking weird! His office looked like a doctors office in Tijuana, turquoise walls & everything. And, to top it off the doc looked like a Mexican Kramer (from Seinfeld). The good news is, he (maybe she?) is in pretty good shape for being 3 months, they gave him de-worming meds just in case.

Saturday was as busy as Friday. My plan for Saturday was to sleep in & then make a trip to LA for the BeadUp jewelry party, however, that didn't happen. I actually woke up somewhat early, didn't end up going to the jewelry party (but I did visit BeadUp's shop on Etsy & bought two items because I was so bummed I didn't make it), went shopping with my mom for a Halloween costume for her & my pops, helped cook, & set up for a gathering we had due to the UFC 104 fight between Lyota Machida & Mauricio "Shogun" Rua (which was a GREAT fight!).

(made by BeadUp)

(made by BeadUp)

Today (Sunday) I decided to have some me time & dragged took Rusty with me to the mall. I went with the intention to buy some new jeans but in the end I came out of there with a new shirt & earrings...not for me though. For Rusty. We were in Hot Topic & we saw some pretty cool silicone black earrings made by Kaos Softwear for stretched ears. It's usually pretty difficult to find them in 5/8 (guess a lot of ppl have this size) so we snatched them up. We then went over to Red Lobster & had a nice dinner together. Now I'm sitting bed typing this out & watching Curb Your Enthusiasm (hilarious show). I just finished watching the show Dexter & I cant believe how this show never gets bad! OMG...Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld are hysterical! I almost peed my pants, they're so funny together. Now that Curb Your Enthusiasm is over I'm off to watch Californication (I heart you David Duchovny).

I hope you all had a great weekend & have awesomeness planned for the week!!!


Note: I just want to state that BeadUp or any shows, products, actors, etc. have not paid me or given me anything for being mentioned in this post. I just heart them enough to post about 'em.


  1. It sounds as though life is good for you at the moment.Love the jewellery. :0)

  2. Even though your weekend was busy, it still sounds nice! I like the name Dexter better, anyways! :)

  3. Hey - I just noticed that you blogged about your purchase! I can attest that I didn't pay Linny for it - but am SUPER grateful for the shout out :) Mwwwah!


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