Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bead Up: Sprout Necklace Giveaway

(Sprout Necklace)

Bead Up is giving away this beauty.

I love everything Christyn makes! She makes the most awesome jewelry...seriously, check out her store here. She currently has a fall line out & just FYI for those of you in the O.C./L.A. County area, she's hosting a jewelry party on Sat., Oct. 23 (click here for info).

And, if you'd like to enter to win this cute lil' diddy, visit Etsy It Up or click here.

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  1. Girl = YOU ROCK! Thanks so much for blogging about this in such high regard! I put the postcard in the mail and hope you can make it - and if not, then we should really meet up anyone one of these days!
    ~Christyn of Bead Up


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