Sunday, September 27, 2009

What's Up Yo?

I have been so busy lately. I cant believe its Sunday & I'm barely getting around to reading & updating my blog. This is what I've been doing lately:

I took th
e day off because it was Rusty's birthday. He was coming down from a bad cold but since he was feeling a lil better we decided to spend the day at Disneyland. We got there around 11am & headed for one of the ticket booths (there were SO many people) so Rusty could get his $72 Disneyland gift card (Yay for having season passes!). As soon as we got inside the park, cast members started wishing Rusty a happy birthday because he was sporting his b-day button, it was pretty awesome. We were there for about 3 1/2 hours before deciding it was time to go home due to heat exhaustion, lol. We walked around trying to find something to spend Rusty's $72 on, but he couldn't decide on anything. Why is it that you want everything when you have no $ & when you have free $ you cant find anything to spend it on? On a major plus note, I finally got to taste a Dole Whip! OMG...it's SO freakin' good! We got home around 4pm, read a little bit & watched some TV.


It was payday so I had to wake up somewhat early & make my way to O.C. because I've been lazy I haven't gotten around to opening a new bank account with a larger branch so I have to make a trip every time I need to withdrawal cash. Rusty & I ran a couple of errands in town & then made our way back home around 2pm. We really didn't get to just relax because I sorta offered my babysitting services & had to watch our 3yr old god-daughter. BTW...I know I'm not ready for kids cause this lil girl wore me out BIG TIME! She was in bed by 8pm & so was I.

We usually have a party for Rusty's b-day but this year we're a lil on the broke side so I really hadn't planned anything. However, my mom & I decided the least we could do is have some family over for a BBQ & cake, which is what we did. It was 107 degrees out so we did most of the cooking inside & didn't start cooking the burgers until about 6pm. A bunch of my family came over (Rusty's family lives 9hrs away) & we had a blast.


I got up around 11am & haven't really done much. I definitely know I was supposed to get some laundry done by Monday but...yeah that didn't happen. Actually I was somewhat productive & helped my lil bro Seth out with some homework. He's been out of school for the past week because of an illness so he's had SO much make up work to get done. Needless to say, we're related so he waited until the last moment (today) to start it. In between walks to the kitchen to scavenge for food & helping Seth, I've been able to read some of the blogs I stalk follow. I cant believe how much you miss when you actually have things going on in your daily life, ha ha. I have SO many blogs I want to read before I go to bed but tonight is the season premier for Dexter, Desperate Housewives, & Brothers & Sisters so I doubt I'll get to finish my reading tonight.

So...I'm off to beg Rusty to get off his Xbox so I can watch TV (sadly, I haven't even had to time to watch the DVR'd season premier of Greys Anatomy)...ah...I love you fall TV season.

P.s. I'm totally loving that Halloween is gonna be here soon! Last year I was a cat & I'm having a bit of a hard time trying to find something to dress up as for this year. You know, without having to wear street walker shoes & a skanky fair costume *rolls eyes*.


BTW...I've extended my 100 posts Movie Giveaway until Wednesday, September 30th! So, feel free to keep entering (post on twitter daily) for a chance to win :)


  1. Halloween is my favorite holiday! I was a cat last year too! Imade my costume using feathers, a mask, and feather boas.

  2. I still have to watch Desperate Housewives and a ton of other shows from last week! Ahhh!

    LOVE Halloween! I can't wait to hear what you're going to be!


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