Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weird Looks & Cool Coffee Mug

I've been meaning to buy a new book lately but considering the nearest Barnes & Noble is about 25 minutes away its something that hasn't been on the top of my list. Until today. Rusty & I had a mild case of cabin fever today so we made our way to the local B&N to scope out some books.

I was originally going to go there & go straight to the isle where I could find The Time Travelers Wife because I've heard it's pretty good but once I got to the store I decided against it. I felt the need to make my way to the Mystery section (no big surprise). I found a couple of pretty cool books but after reading the first two pages I decided to put them back. I just wasn't feeling them. In the end, I ended up going with a book Rusty picked up & handed me. It's titled Midnight Rambler (by James Swain) & it's about former cop, Jack Carpenter, who's job is to track down a serial killer who plays The Rolling Stone's Midnight Rambler while he kills. I know, it's probably not a book most people would be into but I totally dig psychological mystery thriller type books.

I'm also really into reading about true crimes & every so often I like to pick up a book having to do with this stuff. Mostly I like to read the books written by doctors cause I like to read about them analyzing the perpetrator.

I'd never been to this B&N so I had no idea where this section was located so I found a nice little B&N man to help me find the section & a survival manual Rusty was looking for (he's a total survival geek but I'm sure it'll come in handy when the zombies take over).

Me: Hello Sir. We're looking for The Ultimate Guide to U.S. ARMY Survival Skill, Tactics, & Techniques book. Can you tell us where to find it?

B&N Man: Sure, I know exactly where that is. I saw it in the bargain display, follow me.

Me: Perfect.

B&N Man: Here it is.

Me: Oh...and do you have a crime section in the store?

B&N Man: (Confused look) You mean like true crimes? Books about the crimes people have committed?

Me: Yes. Exactly.

B&N Man: OK. Um...yeah it's this way. (walks to isle & points at bookshelf's)

Me: Thank you.

B&N Man: Suuurre thing. (Warily walks away while still looking back at us)

Pretty normal conversation right? I mean except for his weirdness it was pretty normal, so I thought. As I'm looking through all the serial killer books Rusty mentions something like 'Great, if we weren't on a government list of some sort, we are now'. I'm like 'what, why?' & he points out that I just asked this man for a survival manual & where to find books on real life murderers. Ha ha...my bad. I think he's right though, we are totally black listed now. Now I gotta be careful cause 'the man' is watching. Next time I'll have to ask two different B&N people instead of just one when looking for our books ;)

FYI: Rusty just informed me that he now knows how to fix my tooth if my filling was ever to fall out & we weren't anywhere near a dentist. Guess how? With pieces off a Pine tree. Or if we're ever in the woods & I have the runs, he knows what kind of plants to feed me to stop it. Yep. My husband is filing himself with more useless knowledge. Although, I'm sure next time we're out camping & these two things happen to me I'll be begging him to help & thanking the ARMY for publishing this (conveniently) awesome book.

Also...I've been meaning to post about this for like the past 4 days but I've just been...uh...yeah...I got nothing. I have no idea why it didn't come up before but anyhoo, I think I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I've been really lucky in the giveaway winning department (prompting my 1st giveaway a couple of weeks ago). Well, I received this in the mail the other day:

Isn't is awesome? Yes it totally is! It was sent to me by Lorrie who's blog is Our Name is Blog. She owns a national pottery company named Our Name is Mud & she makes the most adorable stuff. I absolutely love all the colors & the fact that the inside is green (my favorite color). And, I love what it says. My work desk is SO messy & I as much as I try to keep it organized & clean, it's impossible for me so this is perfect.

Happy Saturday night!


  1. Haha, I expect he was checking the FBI database whilst you were perusing the murderers section. Enjoy your new books. :0)

  2. I loved the Time Travelers Wife. It was one of my favorite books!

    You are so lucky! I never win the giveaways. You should enter the Pioneer Woman's giveaways. http://thepioneerwomancooks.com I always want to win her stuff. She gives away awesome things.


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