Sunday, September 13, 2009

This Is What A Jack Ass Looks Like

I haven't watched the VMA's for over 3 years so I didn't see what happened as it happened. I actually read about it afterwards & I had to look it up. I cant believe this asshole! He is one of the biggest turds that ever walked the freakin earth!

I love love love Taylor Swift & I'm glad she won. She totally didn't deserve her moment being stolen from her just because he didn't agree with her winning. He's a jerk face & if I will NEVER be buying or supporting anything he does. No respect.

If you didn't watch what occurred, here's the video (don't know how long it'll be up for) and a link to an article on it (click here).


  1. I heard about this and was like, "What a douche!" I was happy to hear Taylor Swift won because I think she's super cute.
    And I've never been a huge Beyonce fan (I could take her or leave her), but she totally went up in my book when she called Taylor Swift back up on stage during her acceptance speech.

  2. I missed it and I'm glad. What was he thinking??? Oh right -- he wasn't.

  3. He posted some lame apology on his web site, but I think he needs to do more than that. He needs to learn that he can't just do whatever he wants whenever he wants. Especially not when innocent teenagers are involved.

  4. I saw it and I was disgusted. No amount of talent can overcome his douchebaggery.


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