Thursday, September 10, 2009

Someone Should Call CPS

I don't know why but I'm laying in bed watching this:

I cannot stand this show! I cannot stand the moms! And, I cannot stand the little girls who think this is what they want! They should be out playing with dolls, jumping rope & singing songs. Not playing grown up & wearing as much face paint as a Saturday night street walker.

I have family members who used to be in beauty pageants and I don't know what possessed my aunts to enter them into these things. To be completely honest, my mom put me into one once. It wasn't anything big, it was actually pretty ghetto fabulous. It was a the local mall & a spur of the moment thing. Yep. And guess what, I didn't even win, ha ha. Well, I got 3rd place so it doesn't count. It was the first & only one.

I don't know what it is about these moms either. I think they're living their small town hick dreams through their kids. Its so disgusting how they take these little girls to the salon & get their hair colored (come on dumb ass, that cant be good for them), get acrylic nails put on their little hands & spend thousands of dollars on sparkly dresses (give me $20 & I'll sparkle up anything with my Bedazzler!). I know that all pageants aren't in the sticks but the show basically only shows the ones that are. I cant help but laugh every time I hear the moms speak. I think it's just the fact that they're superficial & they have an accent (no offense to anyone who has southern accent, I actually think it's cute most of the time).

Ah...tan much?

I just saw a mom force her 6 year old into plucking her eyebrows & getting a fake tan. One of the little girls just said 'I feel pretty because I have my make up on'. Its a sad sad world when a child only feels pretty when she has crap on her face. Sickening.

These moms are total fat chicks who were losers in high school...I'm sorry you didn't get asked to any dances & Billy only called you for one thing & then ignored you the next day in front of his friends. It's OK. You're pretty on the inside :)

Alright, I'm done being mean for today. I hope I didn't offend anyone. And if you have your kids in pageants, I'm sure you're not one of these people and I just hope you're not forcing your kids to do things to themselves that they shouldn't be doing til well after 16. Who knows, maybe one day one of these girls or your kids will be the next Mr. or Miss Universe. Then you can track me down & laugh in my face while I cry.


  1. I can't watch that show-it just makes me want to croak. I hate these parents. HATE THEM. Oh, hey, great job breeding self esteem issues in your children that will NEVER GO AWAY.

  2. I agree 100%!! Even though these women make me SICK I can't stop watching...it's just a huge trainwreck! There was one where the mom had twin girls...I wanted to slap that mom. It was unbelievable how horrible she treated one of the twins.

    I can't even imagine what these girls are going to act like when they are older...

  3. That show is a total train wreck! You can't help but finish it if you start watching. We love when Joel Mcale (sp) recaps it on The Soup!
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  4. My future mother-in-law was watching this show when we were visiting one evening. I had to leave and go for a walk. It pissed me off so much!

    I'm from backwater USA and was the geek in high school, but I would NEVER think of putting my child through that. Hell, I don't even do all that stuff to myself (fake nails, tan, 'big' hair). It just makes me sick.

    Lord help whoever these girls marry. Can you imagine the cost of maintaining them? :)

  5. Just watch the Little Miss Sunshine after the show and you'll be alright. ;)

  6. I completely agree!!! I don't watch the show because I'm afraid my girl might pick something up.

  7. I totally agree with you, I can't stand that show. I have watched it once and what stood out most prominent to me: the moms are all overweight and average women. And while that is fine, who cares what one looks like or how much one weighs, do no live vicariously through your child and make those poor little girls grow up way too fast in an attempt to validate their self worth. It is just so sad, for both the women and the little girls.


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