Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Hair & Turtle Talk

It's been pretty rough lately in the Lin & Rusty home. As I've mentioned before, Rusty is currently unemployed & he hates it. It's not that he hasnt attempted to get one, it's just that no one seems to be hiring right now. The job market is awful & this is definelty taking it's toll on him...& us.

He's been down in the dumps the last couple of days & it's hard for me to talk to him when he's like this. I cant help him. He's apologized many times & says it's not my fault, which I know, but as his partner I want to understand what he's going through. But it's the one thing I cant do because I've never been in his situation & had to stay home all day by myself for more than 12 hours a day. It sucks & I know this.

This whole situation has brought up the subject of him wanting a pet. He says that if he has a pet he wont be lonely while I'm at work. At first I thought maybe he wanted a dog because I know he's wanted one for a long time but nope, that wasn't it. He wants a turtle.

We used to have 2 turtles (red ear sliders) that we bought when we first got together but had to donate to a pet store/museum after 4 years because they got to be to much & large to care for. It was hard on us both but it was the best for them. I reminded him of this when he brought up the subject but he proceeded to inform me that those were water turtles & he wants a tortoise that he can keep indoors. Oh man...

I've tried talking to him & he says that all I do is ever shoot down his ideas before listening. I suppose that's true but the true & honest answer is what I blurt out first & in this case it was a...ah I don't think so. I don't know how this is gonna end up cause while I was trying to fall asleep last night, he was trying to still talk me into the idea. As of right now, he's not going to be happy with anything I say if it's not a 'yes' & I'm still not feeling it...

On a more chipper side note...

FYI: I have a total love/hate thing going with this woman. I cant stand her & yet I'm always watching what she's up to. I sicken myself (*bows head in shame*).

As I was reading my daily dose of gossip news, I read an article that said Kate Gosselin had a change of hairstyle. WHAT? No more rats nest? I so had to check it out & see for myself! And...if you haven't seen it here's the video:

It seems that Katie has changed it up a bit. Hmm...maybe out on the prowl for a real man? Perhaps. She seems to have gone a little blonder & it's not bad. I think I might even like the wavy look. However, she definitely has to give the back of her head some more hair. I think it'll look super cute if she lets it all grow out to the same length as the front. Either way, it's way nicer than this:


  1. My man and I had a hermit crab for the longest time. His name was Bubbles. He had glittery star stickers on his last shell. He got to be huge. Then SOMEONE fed him a piece of maple flavored bacon and it took Bubbles out. I got flamed on a hermit crab messageboard (not kidding) for letting someone feed him something containing preservatives.

    Not sure where I was going with that. Sorry.

    But, yeah. Kate Gosselin. I kind of like her. Her badger-hat-mullet-cut looked pretty decent with the waves.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!


  2. I've always wanted a turtle . . . are they really a lot of work??


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