Thursday, September 17, 2009

My White Flag Is Up

He's done it. An entire day of e-mails, phone calls, speeches, pictures & forums...I couldn't take it anymore! I've given up & given in. Rusty's getting his damn turtle tortoise. It all began after he read my post on here yesterday morning (who new he read this thing?). He forwarded me links to websites so I could read up on Hermann's tortoises & even included a video of a tortoise. This video...

And, along with the video came a message that read: 'Tell me that's not cute....' and 'I'm willing to bargain to get a tortoise, so... what do you want?'. Oh, the possibilities of all the things I could have asked for...but in the end I told him that I wasn't convinced yet & wasn't ready to commit to it. It wasn't until I got home that I he happily showed me what he'd done all day. It seems that Mr. Rusty kept himself pretty busy by cleaning our entire bathroom, vacuuming, making the bed, & completely cleaning our room. I guess it was at that point that I thought 'Ef it. It cant be that bad to have a pet again'. Mostly I was just happy that I wouldn't have to spend my weekend cleaning ;)

I haven't told him I'm actually cool with it just yet & I don't think I will. I'll probably just wait & see if he reads it on here (hopefully he wont & I can just keep asking for stuff, lol). I'm not officially "OK" with it but he says he's going to take care of it. I explained that two of my hesitations were that I didn't want any responsibility for it & I don't want a stinky pet in the house. He then assured me (by showing me on the tortoise forums that he joined) that everyone says they don't smell if you keep them clean & clean their water everyday.

Hermann's Tortoise (via google.com)

A little twig birdhouse had commented on the last post that she's always wanted a turtle & if they were really that hard to take care of? Well, in my experience yeah these were hard to care for. Mostly it was because we had two of them & when we bought our red ear sliders we didn't know they could get really big (they were the size of a 50 cent coin when we bought them). We assumed they'd stay somewhat small & as they grew & grew, we had to buy bigger & bigger water tanks for them. Another thing was trying to keep the water they lived in (they're water turtles) clean. I think that was definitely the hardest part. Rusty says that tortoises are probably the best starter turtles so maybe this time it'll be easier *shrug*.

I doubt he'll be buying one in the next couple of days cause I think they cost about $150 & we for sure don't have that right now. Anyhoo...today is my Friday & I'm SO happy cause I've had enough of work! If all goes as planned tomorrow, we will be taking my car for a tune up at 8am & be out of there & at Disneyland by at least 11am. I cant wait to finally get my hands on one of those darn Dole floats. They better be as good as every one's said they are.


  1. Cute video. I think I've heard that they can carry salmonella bacteria, so if you do get one.. be sure you Germ-X after touching.

  2. Don't tortoises live for over a hundred years??


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