Thursday, September 3, 2009

Movie Night Out or IN

Rusty & I haven't been out in like forever. So I'm super giddy about our little date night tonight. We're not doing anything super special but we are going to the Van Buren drive-in theater (only one left in Orange/Riverside County) near our house. We're planning on seeing these (cross you fingers) kick ass movies:

Rusty's been wanting to see District 9 since it first came out but I really didn't want to pay $12 to watch it. On the other hand, I'd totally pay $12 to watch Halloween II! We watched the first one at midnight the day it opened & it was amazing. I have a lil' school girl crush on Rob Zombie (he's a total dirty looking hottie) & I'm a big fan of his movies .

Luckily we won't have to pay $12 each to watch either movie cause we're off to the drive-in where we only pay $7 per person & we get to watch 2, yes 2, movies. Pretty sweet. Actually, if you go on a Friday or Saturday you can go & watch your 2 movies & then turn you car around to face the other screens (there are 3 total) & watch a 3rd movie for free (cause they start a new one every 2 hrs). Ha ha...I know, I'm a total bad girl.

Anyhoo...the last time we went out we went to dinner at Applebees & it was all nice & romantic (not really) until we stuffed our faces with so much food that we waddled to the car. Then we got home & headed straight for the bathroom cause we both had the bubble guts. So not cool. Hopefully tonight will be better than last time but somehow I doubt it cause I have absolutely no control over myself when I hit that huge concession stand! I can never say not to all of the: give you a heart-attack burgers, acid reflux hot dogs, bubble gut carne asada burritos, & break your molar popcorn.

Yum...I cant wait!

*note to self: go to CVS & pick up Rolaids, Pepto, Oragel...



Alright, well we didn't end up having our date night cause...well I don't really know why. When I got home at 6:15 or so I was tired from all the driving & my butt was super numb from 10 hours of sitting on it at work & then 2 hours of driving so we decided that a movie night IN would work best. Neither of us are currently watching a movie but I'm sure we'll get around to it eventually. Rusty's playing his new XBox 360 game, Fallout 3, and I'm of course blogging. I'm making an green enchilada casserole for dinner, well my dinner cause Rusty doesn't like it (don't judge). I can smell it through the vents so maybe it's time to go check up on it...not that I've been known to burn things or anything...pffft.


  1. We love movie nights too...our are mostly in when the little guy goes to bed...not a huge fan of scary stuff though! And the hubby is all about Xbox 360..ugh get tired of seeing the green rings sometimes...:)

  2. I have never been to a drive in theatre. There used to be one in my home town, but it's long gone, why I never went, I don't know. Something I've always wanted to do . . . although not sure I could make it through a scary movie!

  3. I love movie nights! My sis saw Halloween 2 and said it scared her to death. I can't wait to see it!


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