Tuesday, September 1, 2009

He Must Have Some Olympic Swimmers

I want kids. Not now, but I want them. I'm 26, going to be 27 in February, which isn't old at all but I always saw myself being 'ready' for kids by now. I imagined myself having at least two by the time I was 27 and maybe one more before 30 & then I was done. The baby factory being closed for business for good. Then it would be time to move on to reconstructive surgery to get certain parts to what they used to be, if not better. That's what I imagined. Being 27 soon, I cant imagine being pregnant right now. I love the idea of it but I think I'd be a horrible & mean pregnant person. I was watching Mad Men last night & I wish I could be like Betty, all perfect & pregnant, but I'd be dreaming.

Most woman tell me, just to do it because you're never ready & I know I've said it before but I want to at least be as ready as I can be (financially mostly). I was reading the news today & came across a story on the Duggar family. I'm sure most of you already know this but for those of you who don't, the Duggar family consists of 18 children (all biological) & of course the parents Jim Bob (ha ha go figure) & Michelle (wow, check out that 80's hair).

Well, Jim Bob & Michelle just announced today that they're expecting their 19th child! Holy Cow, right? Michelle just gave birth to her 18th child like 8 months ago. Wow...you'd think they'd be a little preoccupied with watching their youngins to even say hello but nuh uh. Seriously, Rusty & I are lucky if we get an hour together throughout the day & we have no kids.

Oh, and Jim Bob (ha ha, cant stop chuckling) & Michelle's oldest son & wife are also pregnant with their first child. Wow...I thought mexicans were the only one's to have kids & grand kids who were the same age...ha ha ha...don't get offended, I can say it cause it's true & I'm mexican. Really though, my aunt & my cousin are two years apart so I can talk smack.

This Jim Bob guy must have some serious olympic style swimmers cause they work fast. I think almost every kids is a few months, if not a year, apart. If the world is ever in need of re population we know who to call. Although, by the looks of him (no offense Jim Bob) I'd rather take my chances with a hot possibly-sterile guy who doesn't have a comb over.

Message to Michelle's vag: Keep on truckin'!


  1. Ahahah! I totally agree with you! This family has managed to get under my skin for quite awhile now - how will those kids EVER get to know their parents? How or can they ever afford college? How does the dad (assuming the mom stays at home being prego all the time and everything) bring home enough bacon for all of them? I assume they mooch off their church buddies, which I see as irresponsible. Anyway, there's my rant.

    I am writing on your blog because you won my Bead Up giveaway on Design Girl's blog! She wants you to e-mail her to claim the prize - congrats!!

  2. I can't imagine having that many kids. How do they afford him? 19 kids, that's like 14 years of her life she's been pregnant (if I'm calculating correctly.) Good Lord!

  3. LMAO!! This had me chuckling out loud!

  4. I think they're Mormon, hence all those babies and that HAIR. I'm also fairly sure that they make a nice chunk of change off of their TLC show, so they can afford to have all. those. babies. I'd die.

  5. Yeah, I heard in an interview with them once that when they got married they agreed to "let God decide" how many children they should have. As a Christian myself, I find this hilarious because God also gave them the ability to keep their legs closed! I am also pretty sure that God doesn't dig exploiting your children via national television and then justifying it by establishing the exploitation as your main means of income so you can feed the kids in the first place. Mormons freakin' fascinate me.

    P.S. thanks for writing back, Lin!

  6. My blood pressure just went up hearing that they're having their 19th. child. o.m.g!!!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who giggles at Jim Bob (hehe) and that hair (wow!). You'd think TLC would give them a makeover...right?!


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