Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day

So it's Labor Day...which is basically just a day off from my daily labor. If you can call sitting at a desk, in front of a computer, dealing with idiot people on the telephone for 10 hours labor. Ok, well it's hard mental work but it's really not what I'd call hard labor. It's not like I pick strawberries out in the field, which is what my grandparents did when they fist came to this country, but it is a type of labor so I get a day off. YAY me...well us!

I cant say that I'm truly taking full advantage of this extra day off though. I didn't wake up til 12:45 pm today. When I woke up Rusty was in the shower, I thought he was dying or something cause he's never up before I am. We were supposed to have a BBQ or something today but it ended up happening yesterday cause everyone just sort of showed up so we are now out of food to BBQ. And, I'm totally not up to going to the store & spending more money in order to buy more stuff. Nah, I'll stick to hot pockets & corn dogs today.

Joe & Bonnie came over last night too. It was nice to see them & catch up. It sucks not being able to call up my brother & be like 'hey you guys want to go to a movie tonight?', like we used to. Luckily Joe's schedule finally got switched from graveyard to day shift so maybe if we're ever in town they'll be somewhat available, well during the week anyway (he works Fri, Sat, Sun). He & Rusty had their own little drinking party last night to celebrate yesterday being Joe's last day of probation, which had lasted a year & a half. Yay Joe! I think Rusty drank about a dozen beers on his own & I made myself a little screwdriver type drink. I'm such a lightweight that I'm the one that ended up with a bit, just a bit, of a hangover this morning ha ha. I made Bonnie a drink too but she just babysat it cause she said she had to drive home. We all just sat around talking about their wedding plans & we talked about her seating arrangements for the guests. You know, all the boring stuff. I asked if she had ordered her invitations yet & she said her sister in law was printing them for her. I was sorta shocked cause when I printed out my invites for my wedding she was like 'oh, I'd never do that, I'm going to definitely order mine'. Huh...guess it's only a good idea when it's coming out of someone else mouth, or at least not mine. And, yes that's a little hint of bitterness you sense there.

Rusty's taken over the television & is playing Xbox but I think I'll try to get it back cause I'm all caught up on my blog reading & my ADD is kicking in. Oh, I have to go pay the stupid water bill...damn, I guess I have to take a shower.

Well I hope everyone has a great Labor Day cause it's back to work for 'the man' tomorrow.


  1. I've enjoyed my extra day off! I think the whole thing with the printed out invites is that once she saw how expensive they were from a printer's she changed her tune about what was good enough for her! Just look at it as your wisdom finally winning out in the end. :)

  2. Maybe Bonnie finally got it - it's not fashionistas that are IN these, it's the recessionistas.


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